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Garry’s Mod is a sandbox mod for the Source Engine. Unlike normal games there aren't any predefined aims or goals. Players are given tools and are left to entertain themselves. The player is in a world where objects can be created and destroyed on demand. Where people can be created and destroyed with the click of a mouse. A world made for him. A world he made.

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Just epic !
Lego, made by Valve. What else ?

No Comment...The Most Epic Game Evered Played

I got no words, this game is endless, you can do ANYTHING, 'nuff said

This game has endless potential and if you start getting bored you can just download more stuff from the Internet!

Its the best sandbox game ever!

The BEST Half-Life 2 mod!


Other: fun
Total: 9

This game USED to be fantastic; one of the best games ever made. But then the Garry's Mod 13 update utterly ruined every aspect of the game! Saves are broken, loading times are way too long, the Workshop is blatantly worse than its predecessors (garrysmod.org & Toybox,) the UI is downright ugly, its so badly optimized even some HIGH-END PCs can have trouble running it, for a while there was an exploit that allowed your computer to become infected with a virus via Gmod servers, even BASIC features like the Inflator Tool don't work properly anymore. And don't expect the game to EVER get decent bugfixes again; it has been abandoned by its developers entirely.
The games functionality isn't the only thing that has become awful over the years; the Gmod community itself has become one of the worst communities I've seen in gaming. You will rarely find a friendly/smart person in it anymore.
DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. It is only a shell of what it used to be.
Also garry supports paid mods. So there's that.


junbug says

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omfg best game eva