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Hi, my name is Victor, I'm 21 and I live in Dublin - Ireland. I enjoy pc games, It's where I mostly spend my free time. I believe I am trustable, fun and, most important, friendly. I have lots of games, you may not believe (in fact not even I believed when my mother told me) but I started playing computer games when I was 2 years old, the first game I played was Doom Shareware (DEMO), believe or not I still play it. My favourite games are: Dungeon Keeper (hated 2 though, and cant wait for 3!) all Valve and Id Software games (never played Commander Keen though), Killing Floor, Roller Coaster Tycoon (1 and 2), Duke Nukem 3D (All Expansions), Age Of Empires (2 and The Conquerors), and many others.

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Fragmovie + friends

bluluxabica Blog 1 comment

Hi guys, i've just posted a new fragmovie of me and my friends playing csgo! I don't know why there are instances where theres only blackscreen, must have been a redering problem. I just couldn't fix it because i didn't have time. Sorry for that! Tell me what you think :)

Youtube Channel!

bluluxabica Blog


Please like and subscribe to my Youtube Channel! I'll upload videos mostly on weekends, though if things get more "serious" I'd gadly start recording them on a daily basis! ^^ It's a mix of videos, I might be doing a gameplay video and then, all of a sudden, a language practice! xD

Best wishes from Bluluxabica!

im dating :)

bluluxabica Blog 2 comments

hey everyone! How ya doing?

I just cant be happier than i am right now... Im dating someone.. And shes one of the bests... Shes smart, cute, soooo beautifull, hot... ANYWAYS shes perfect... Check her out on my images.

Her name is Ana Carolina :)

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