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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by Coequal on

Hello Everyone,

My name is Leigh and I'm the Project Coordinator/Creative Director for our game project. Sadly, We can not share much info on our game here, it is strictly confidential for the time being. The reasoning behind this Indiedb job post is to recruit long lasting team members. Though this specific listing is for concept artists, feel free to contact us with any help you have to offer.

We are also looking for leadership qualities, If you're interested in helping keep the team organized please toss us an email.

We're currently looking for Environmental Concept Artists.

- Able to draw entire scenes to completion.
- Able to break down scenes and solo segments out. (Take a batch of objects in a scene and add variation or single it out.)
- Collaboration skills.
- Willing to do multiple takes/versions of art.
- Actively gives feedback/constructive criticism.
- Keeps art style consistent and matching throughout development.
- Speaks English.
- Has Discord.
- Respectful, Passionate, and able to take criticism.
- Must have a virtual form of drawing. (ie, Art pad, Drawing pad.) No drawing with computer mice.
- 5-10 hours a week devoted to this project.
- Must sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement.)


- Experience in Photoshop.
- Has other talents besides art/drawing. (ie, can texture, can model, can program.)
- Experience in Zbrush.

We offer:

- Experience. We all learn from one another.
- Professional work environment.
- Donations, percentage of income from projects.
- Passion. We're all passionate about what we do.
- Flexible working times.
- We allow you to use whatever work flow you want, as long as the result is as desired.


If anything was unclear here, please toss us an email and we'll see to your questions being answered!

To Apply

Please email: Officiallycoequal@gmail.com
In the email, please state your name and desired position and any example work you have done in the past.
You will be required to answer a few questions, then directed to join our Discord.
In our discord you will be interviewed, informed of our rules and asked to sign the NDA. Upon acceptance, you will be given an assigned team that you will be directly associated with. You will also be introduced to your lead and progress will commence from there.
Thank you for your interest!

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