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This group is a platform for sound designers looking to collaborate with developers and visa versa.

If there is one thing that seems to be the 5th wheel in the production process it has to be the audio dept. Interactive media needs audio even more than linear media. This group aims to act as a platform for both dev's as sound designers alike, enabling them to post projects and discussion about game audio and sound design.

For Developers:

Post a project in the forum. You should include the status of the release (beta, alpha), the apr. number of sounds. When Beta; please state what role the prospect team member will fulfill (lead audio artist, dialogue, etc). If it's a paid project please state so, hence this board is mod's only, all jobs are asumed to be free of charge.

For Sound-Designers, Audio Content Managers, Voice Actors, Etc:

Post your portfolio in the forums. Include links to your website or youtube channel etc. State what type of work you are looking for. Please state if you expect a fee for services. Only artists with an online portfolio are allowed.

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DevBlog #5 The Missing Few - Ray Traced Audio

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My name is Chase Bethea. Here is a link to my sound design demo reel.

I'm looking to work with anyone that values sound and wants to collaborate to make great art together. I do charge a flat-rate fee and it is based on the amount of work you have for me.

Get in touch through my website, www.chasebethea.com..

If I don't rock your socks...well..then..I guess you get to keep your socks on :D

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I am an experimental musician, a sound producer and a sound engineer with more than 15 years of experience.
I play the guitar, synthesizers, and self-made noise objects.
Now I start to write music for computer games and I'm ready to work for a relatively low rate as a beginner.
Favorite OST - Bladerunner by Vangelis, first Quake from Trent Reznor, Fallout 1-2 Mark Morgan,DVA on Amanita design, Neverhood by Terry S. Taylor:)

if you like - write to the mail

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its been about 17 years since I logged in and looked for work. lacked the experience so I have been working on many projects and continued my education. throwing my portfolio out here to see if my journey and knowledge gained was helpful. looking to build my credentials up and be better at using Wwise.


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Hi all. My name is Nicole Marie T. I am an experienced music producer and currently hold a music degree. I have worked on the soundtracks for Alex The Kidd In Miracle World 2, an upcoming homebrew game which will be released soon, amongst other games and projects.

I do budget prices and a variety of genres, as I like to be flexible in order to suit my customers needs. :)

My main portfolio of my music is here: Pond5.com

My prices and rates via my main website: Gudstuff.wixsite.com

If you would like to contact me, email me nicoleproducer@gmail.com
I hope to hear from you!

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Greetings, stranger !

My name is Dima Nikolaev.
I think you have some interesting project.
Can I help you with music & sound design ?

Here you can see some examples. Enjoy !

Thanks and good luck !

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Hi everyone!

My name is Jorge Olivares.I am a self-taught composer and I love the music of retro video games

On this page you can listen some of my works.


I have worked on few indie games and other proyects.

Let’s work together online and design the music according to your needs


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I have been working hard on my Sound Design portfolio and now have a full website to showcase my work.

interested in freelance work as well as full time work.

Thanks for reading.


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Hey guys!

I am a composer and sound designer for video games and films. I am looking for projects to work on. Here is very cool fantasy themed demo reel I just finished:

And the same demo reel but only with the sound effects:

And here you have a link to my soundcloud profile:


I am very friendly and flexible, so don't hesitate to contact me! There is no game too big or small for me, and there is no challenge I woudn't like to take. The Demo Reel is fantasy themed, but I've done Science Fiction, sailing sims and mistery films. Just write me. Write me an email to:


or find me on Facebook:


or Twitter:

Greetings, I'm looking forward to work with you!

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Hi everyone, my name is Jesse and I'm a sound designer/composer looking to work on some projects. I'll include a link to my portfolio. It's nice to meet you all, look forward to working together.


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Good day to all. My name is Rustam. I am writing diversified music. Postproduction games, TV shows, and so on. Sound-design. Commercial offers. Extensive experience in the music industry.

Here several examples of works.

my mail: rshafigullin28@gmail.com

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