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Zombie Raid is a PvP top-down shooter, with realistic looking tactical battles. Raid infected city, fight for survival in team battles

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Hello, fellow gamers!

I recently discovered an exciting game - Zombie: Raid. Although it is still in beta, it has already managed to win me over and interest me with its realism, apocalyptic atmosphere, and potential.

Top-dawn game offers post-apocalyptic battles with live players and zombie bots, as well as team battles for survival, capture of points, etc. Among the advantages are a diverse selection of weapons, different equipment, and four character classes: shooter, engineer, medic, and sniper, but all this will still be developed and supplemented, the developers promise new classes and even more different weapons!

The game is developed on Unreal Engine, and it is evident in the details: a well-drawn world, beautiful and realistic environment models, as well as nice physics of objects and characters. I especially liked the ability to move not only horizontally but also vertically around the building, which makes the game even more interesting.
Also cool features like a fuel barrel, zombies that explode or fill everything around them with poisonous gas after their death, all of which can be used in the fight against rivals - other players. Depending on which mode you play.

Now the game is still in development, and not everything is finalized, but even at this stage it is worthy of attention. Thanks to the beta test, you can feel the drive of the game and the enthusiasm and interaction with the developers, as their ideas and improvements are actively discussed in the community on Steam and Discord.

As a fan of apocalyptic scenarios and shooters, I can't help but share my impression of Zombie: Raid. Yes, the game is in beta, but together we can make it even better! Join the community, share your ideas and impressions. This is just the beginning, and together we can make Zombie: Raid a real hit!

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