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Zombie Grinder is the debut game of TwinDrills, an indie game development duo made up of Tim 'Infini' Leonard and Jordan 'Jordizzle' Chewning. It's a multi-platform (windows, mac, Linux!) (also Free!) cooperative multiplayer arcade game, reminiscent in style and gameplay of retro games like 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors' and 'Super Smash TV!', but with the added benefit of some newer game mechanics - achievements, ranking, player-customization, rpg style stats and so forth. The game sports a variety of different game modes, from co-operative 'campaign' style levels, to wave maps and even the classic 'pvp' style game modes - deathmatch, capture the 'bag' and so forth. All of these mods are bristling with a variety of weapons and items, all lovingly displayed in Jordan's classic quirky pixel-art style.

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Tim patches in more content than I can list, and I drew some zombies! Enjoy!

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What's up everybody! It's me, Jordizzle! It's been about 3 months since we updated the game, but Summer is upon us! We're rapidly approaching our 1 year birthday here on ModDB, and are mere days from the game's 3 year birthday! Super exciting to see how far the game has progressed since this time back in 2009! (especially since Tim and I didn't work on it at all for about a year and a half)

First gameplay... Dude, that is ancient!!!

I still don't even remember the Zombies ever having health bars...

The game has grown exponentially, and speaking on that note, Tim has been hinting at it, but we're going to be adding a full on interactive HUB world where every online player will be able to see every other Zombie Grinder's avatar online! The HUB will replace a majority the current main menu's customization aspects. Shops with NPC's will replace your shop/loadout menus. Though this is a ways off, please be ensured that it is really awesome! Tim's sent me very early builds of it, and one of the coolest things I saw was a little sign that displayed stats of the top players, so say someone has the most zombies killed, their name would be displayed. Makes for some fun in-community competition!

Along side this news, I'd like to give you a deeper look into our current patch! Tim acquired a few servers, which he set up 6 official dedicated servers on for players who are unable to join or host maps, but still want in on the Zombie Grinding action! Map voting, and vote kicking are still very in-tact on them, so if you find one empty but not on a map you want to try, you can easily change it. He also made a new map type which is a very small fast paced map where once you trigger the enemy wave, you're faced with an onslaught of Zombies falling from the ceiling! I played on a map earlier with a few very talented players who managed to hit wave 51!! One of the biggest, most exciting things this patch is we finally have an account system!!!!!! When you log in for the first time after patching, you'll choose your username and password, and set up a default email address in case you forget your password. You can also choose to remain logged in, so any time you join you don't have to type in all your login.

On my side of things, I've been hard at work creating new assets to be used in map creation, as well as new hats (yay?)! Oh, I also drew a new explosive Zombie which Tim patched in this update! He's very beta and missing plenty of poses, so I've started a thread for you all to give us your feedback on him!


Community feedback on this is genuinely appreciated!

That's it for the time being (off the top of my head)! I'm planning a pretty decent sized content patch in the very near future to give all you item collectors some more swag to acquire (8 new hats, 3 new accessories), and you zombie slayers some more brutal weapons to mow down the undead (9 at the moment, as well as 3, and possibly 5 new turret types!)

Also planning on a flurry of new maps ranging from quick-paced, to PVP, as well as possibly fleshing out the current campaign... I wanna see what inside the mall looks like!!!!!!

Anyways, thank you all very much for all of your time and dedication to helping Tim, Steven, and myself make this game all we dreamed it would be! Your support is truly appreciated!!!

Best regards,



The public servers with the hub map on are not working: the map keep loading and reloading forever ! On the contrary, If you do a private game it's working well.

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Should be sorted now :).

You can thank me for patching the servers at 3am last night and going to sleep immediately after lol.

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What password hashing algorithm are you using at the moment?

Considering the recent password hash leaks of several major businesses, I hope you guys are taking it seriously enough to be using a secure hashing method.

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As of the last master server update SHA256.

I wouldn't expect high security if I were you though. The profile system is primarily just a method of preventing name-collisions, nothing else, hence why you don't even have to register an email.

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Noted and thanks for answering (I'm glad you're open enough to do so!), but I would like to ask that you guys consider moving to bcrypt in the future; from my own experience, projects have a way with moving from only using credentials to access one thing, to having them access official forums/stat trackers/etc.

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well this update makes me not wana play anymore because you run as slow with a pistol equiped as if your holding a big shotgun for pete's sake! im now done with this game good day cody5555 is dead ded

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Where I can get addons for Zombie Grinder?

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