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With the virus enhancing the physical abilities of the infected, players will be no match for them if playing alone. ZDay will require excellent teamwork, bravery and skill as players attempt to survive in the infected-filled city.

Players will have to work together to clear out buildings, search for supplies, barricade doorways and survive. Barricades can eventually be broken, so hiding in one building with little supplies will not turn out pretty in the end…

Players will also have an element of RPG styled gameplay as strength and hunger levels will be present. Strength reflects how much players can carry in an inventory and the speed in which they will be able to travel. Carry more – travel slower. Players will have to run the risk of leaving items behind or work as a team and share supplies amongst eachother….The possibilities are endless!

Just like any other human, hunger is an important stat players will have to keep a close eye on. Failure to keep energy at a suitable level will cause speed reductions and will impact the survival rate a player will have out on the streets. A slow and sluggish player is no match for a sprinting, hungry infected being.

Players who unfortunately get bitten by the infected will slowly notice the way their character behaves changes. Unless players can find and use an Anti-virus in time, players will slowly die and become a zombie themselves, and thus reverse the survival role placed upon them to cause mayhem across the city.

Use your survival instincts, build a survivors' base, form a search party to go out on supply runs for food, wood, anti-viruses, weapons, more survivors etc. Gather up, meet friends and work together for survival...Teamwork is a must...

Do you like the idea of a zombie survival game? Online? Z Day is exactly that, and more

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March Development Blog


Firstly, on to the great news of our team development! I would like to give a huge a welcome to our new programmer, Dan, who joined earlier this week to help Chris and Andy out with those meddlin' AI! As you may have noticed, all but one of the teasers so far have simply been artwork and one of the reasons for this is purely because the zombie AI are pretty useless at the moment! As they are only a placeholder, we've agreed to finally get some major work done on them for our next test period. Which should hopefully mean a new and interesting teaser this time round!We also have the foundations in for our new Design Team, and are working on getting a few people on board who we believe have shown enthusiasm, maturity and enough knowledge to become part of the development team here at Arrowhead Games. You see, we developers keep a very close eye on the community to see who we can bring on to help. A helpful tip to anybody wanting to join the team in any way - Keep active and keep mature!Which brings me onto my next point! RECRUITMENT! We would very much like more potential developers to join the team and help bring ZDay to life. If you have skills or knowledge in modelling, programming or general game development... then we want to hear from you! Drop me an email using the CONTACT US form on the main website if you are interested, explaining why and what skills you possess. This also leads me onto ADVERTISING! And this is where you can all chip in and help out ZDay. Obviously the way to attract more developers is to get them here in the first place, and that means spreading the word about ZDay. Inform any communities you belong to about us and post the link about. Of course, stick to the rules of the community and don't spam / copy & paste the same messages everywhere. With your help, we can easily reach more than 3000 members in the next month. You are welcome to use any screenshots you have found on the MEDIA -> SCREENSHOTS page on the main site. You may also use some found on these forums, but make sure they are relatively new! I'd be surprised if anybody could beat our current best advertisers - A few fan videos on YouTube.
Right, onto actual development now! Things are going steady here, with JBaird doing an EXCELLENT job since taking over the Artistic department a few weeks ago. We have a whole batch of models created by the ever hardworking modelling team. I hope to release some more screenshots of their progress very shortly.
I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team in everything they have done so far on the current build. Jacob, Andy, Chris, Tony, Steve & the rest of the team deserve a huge round of applause and thanks on their current work!On behalf of everyone here at ZDay & Arrowhead Games,

New Screenshots Released

New Screenshots Released


A round up of some new screenshots of the current progress.

Development Blog - Feb 1st 2009

Development Blog - Feb 1st 2009

News 1 comment

A summary of our current process after the completion of version 0.25

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simohayhaBR - - 32 comments

please send a key, I do a video on my channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/DrGam3rggvi)

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_Dexter_ - - 564 comments

Since it's MMO, would you guys be programming in Java? Or will it be client based?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Deathscreton - - 112 comments

I moderate for the forums. As of right now, it's in reconstruction. It's not dead, just moving quite slowly. If you want to show your support, swing by the forum. It's still active and kicking really.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Xirius - - 53 comments


I hope to see some progess soon.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mavis130 - - 1,688 comments

Did this die?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes
marksman52 - - 393 comments

oops i almost posted on zday forums saying that they should have a moddb page!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
fluffyzombie - - 288 comments

is this free?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
fluffyzombie - - 288 comments

site still down :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
fluffyzombie - - 288 comments

the web site down

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fluffyzombie - - 288 comments

i think i saw this game a long time ago like when the site 1t came out looks fun 1 ? how will it work will there be zombie spawns olso will the zombies go in mobs and last of all will it just be one huge sever with every one playing on one server if so that would be laggy i think it would be fun tho can you show us some barricades ?

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