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Main features:

- A variety of prison levels, from a deep underground to the stratosphere.

- A laser that can be upgraded from "a thin ray" into the deadliest "mass destruction machine".

- Monsters. Kill or be killed - with fangs/teeth/paws/explosions (underline the correct option).

- RPG-elements. Beat the gold out of mobs and use it to buy items/implants and heal injuries. Purchased items affect your characteristics - 7 main and more than 20 secondary ones.

- Mechanics. The items you collect don't just freeload in your inventory - they make up sets and synergies that affect the game process.

- Roguelike-elements. The game has a lot of procedural generation; game over moments are definitive and irreversible.

- Shops, where for a good price (not really), intelligent rats smugglers will give you their best (LOL) equipment.

- Story. The dystopia of the post-industrial society and the motives of criminals will be revealed in more than 50 notes.

- Simple controls. You won't even need a keyboard! A two-button mouse does the job beautifully.

- Difficulty. Our product is not just another "lazy clicking on that one-a-minute mob". The aim as well as platform placing will require quick reflexes.

- Triangles. You too have noticed our designers love them, right?

About the gameplay

It starts at the tower footing. The first jump with the first click. The character goes up, then starts to fall. Another click to create a platform. The character jumps off from it, going higher. Another click - another platform. With a happy face the character flies past it. Falls down. Game over.

Second try. Getting better. 10% of level 1 done... wait a second, what's this?! Looks like a bat...Аааahhh! Click, click, click! It grabbed me! Damn! Game over.

*a couple of sleepless nights after* Well, this mini-boss is finally done for. Quietly placing the character closer to a wall, it's safer there. A blue ball is close, no way around that freezing, but no worries. A shop has to soon - got a lot to spend from those two chests. Maybe upgrade the laser... And invest into agility, dodging really seems to help. And after that...* and after that one can only hear indistinct mumbling and frantic mouse clicking*


- PC (Win/Mac/Linux);

- Mouse (preferably – a PC one);

- Left mouse button;

- Right mouse button;

- Steel nerves.

A little about the project future

Our game is already playable. But it doesn’t mean we are going to chill the heck out and to spend all the money on drinks and strippers! We have big plans on improving the gameplay and new content. We’ll give you a roadmap around the release date.

Best of luck, have a good day (or night) jumping!

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Is there a way to know for sure whether a game in ‘Greenlight’ is worth a greenlight?

you shall not jump

Plenty. You can watch videos of it for hours on end. You can analyze every bit of information in the description. Or scrutinize screenshots with a microscope. Or better yet inundate the developers with questions in the comments section. Or… you can have a go at the demo for 10 minutes (half hour, an hour, a day, a lifetime) and make a decision.

you shall not jump

We would like to show you just how cool the game we have created.

This demo will get you acquainted with our Great Prison. Welcome to the hardcore world!

By the way have you already supported our project?

You Shall Not Jump is in Steam Greenlight

You Shall Not Jump is in Steam Greenlight


Finally, it is happening! Our game has made it to Greenlight. There’s only one thing between you and the game now – positive votes. And this is why...

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