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Yet Another World - funny hardcore platformer in MNML-style

The villain decided to steal cows hero, while he slept. The hero woke up and decided to bring their cows. He will have to overcome many obstacles and pitfalls, be smart and clever.

Hero's Journey will take place in several worlds, each of which has its own unique pitfalls. Only in the game 8 chapters, each of which consists of 14 levels and the 1st-level test.

In the end, the hero is waiting for the battle with the villain.

The plot is quite simple, but unexpected outcome in the end.

This is the native world of the hero, full of life and light. With the advent of the villain in a pink world began to appear traps and dangerous creatures.

Blue world - the world of caves. There is no one other than the villain and his creations, his machines and treacherous traps. Yes, a couple of fireflies, it is unclear how he found himself there.

Pink and blue world connected and are one.

Gray world - otherworldly and mysterious, lifeless place. This world was once a flourishing, but later died.

  • Hardcore while relaxing game. The project uses a quiet, meditative music, and the passage is not always dependent on the speed of movement - sometimes it's better to wait for the right moment.
  • The game is not boring dialogs and characters communicate and express their emotions and desires by means of clear icons.
  • A large variety of mechanic.
  • The ability to go beyond literally. The hero can go off the screen, but it requires great skill from the player, as this player has to rely on his sense of position in space hero. Even the death of the hero in some levels you can pay for themselves in favor.
  • Colorful graphics minimalist style.
  • The ability to replay levels to improve their results.
  • 8 chapters, 120 levels. Hardcore enough time.

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release on Steam


11 months ago I began to develop the project YAW. Today was the last step - game release on Steam. Thank for all, who help me to develop and release this project.

Buy Yet Another World on Steam

Project get Greenlight!

Project get Greenlight!


Yet another World - hardcore platformer in minimal style - get Greenlight!

Yet Another World on Steam Greenlight

Yet Another World on Steam Greenlight


Hi all! The last 9 months, every day I worked on the project. Now I'm at the finish line. If you like my project - I beg to support the project on Steam...

Music for project

Music for project


Added first musical tracks in the style of dark ambient. They good emphasize mood of the hero and the lifeless place where he appear. Tracks will play...

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Deliberate   Dark dreams (OST Yet Another World)

Deliberate Dark dreams (OST Yet Another World)


dark ambient track to the World of shadows (5-6 chapters).

Deliberate   Jumping in your mind (OST YAW)

Deliberate Jumping in your mind (OST YAW)


dark ambient track to the World of shadows (5-6 chapters)

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