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The entire galaxy has been corrupted by a mysterious, demoniac source of evil, which just spawned out of nowhere to screw everything up - and to be even more "classical", regarding profound story twists and characters, it's up to Space Marshal Major McMâsscré to kill everything on sight that might be part of this evil (or well, just everything on sight). Of course, engaging the enemy with his prototype fighter on his own, just assisted by his neurotic tactical AI and except some of his good old friends, who might join him for a COOP session to save the day.


So if you are looking for an epic scaled 80s Scifi/Cyberpunk action shoot'em'brawl opera, fully packed with tons of weapons and customization options, plenty of gore and carnage plus bad and naughty b-movie kind of humor, then this cranky little shooter might be something for you!

Instead of just avoiding bullets, like in other bullet hell shmups (Shoot'em ups), Necrowarp also comes up with a lot of (un)forgiving brawler rampage as well, like crushing enemies with your melee weapons or by pushing them around or into each other. Of course, just as an addition to the huge arsenal of classic long-range weapons the game still relies on! And to make it a bit more, well, sadistic and personal, you're not only fighting soulless robots or drones all the time, but manned enemy vehicles, crammed with really bad gang members or soldiers (trust us; they have the wrong political attitude), zombies (of course), mutants and other funky space abominations to bring democracy upon.

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Hey folks,

NECROWARP is alive and comes up with a REBOOT! Check out tons of new ingame screenshots!

necro ingame new 02

We are still working on our small little pet project (next to family and fulltime jobs) and doing quite good progress! Still alive and rebooted this thing!

Please feel free to check out my art update over here:
NECROWARP Screenshots on ArtStation

We are also on Steam. Please wishlist us if you like:

And check out our website as well:

necro ingame new 01


Necrowarp on IndieDB!

Necrowarp on IndieDB!


Hi folks, since our small project starts to build up, our team thought of showing some first content on indiedb, respectively starting with introducing...

alimux - - 53 comments

screenshots are nice !

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MadMaximus83 Creator
MadMaximus83 - - 2 comments

Thanks a lot. ;)

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