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A new adventure game from whaleo.

Widower's Sky follows a father, son and dog across a strange planet. As they search for home, they jump through portals with unknown consequences. Each portal sends the family to a new environment where they endure a daunting journey of towering buildings and beautiful vistas. Equipped with only his bow, the father must fight against the wildlife (lions, tigers, bears and more) while keeping the son fed and rested.


• Gorgeous landscapes

• Engaging soundtrack

• Living environments including docile and vicious wildlife

• A mix of puzzle, platforming and survival

• Immersive sound design

• Engaging voice over (Currently english only)



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Widower's Sky - New Trailer


The Return of the Widower

So finally some news! Let's get right into it:

Where's the trailer?

Here's a brand new trailer for the Steam page release. If you're on steam please add Widower's Sky to your wishlist here.

This is the most extensive look at Widower's Sky on PC so far. What do you think? Also did I mention... wishlist it now!

When is it out?!

Fall 2018!

What about mobile?

Glad you asked. No trailer yet but some screens below:

IMG 1839

IMG 1878

IMG 1841

IMG 1883

For more info see whaleo.com/widowerssky/

Thanks again for your interest in Widower's Sky

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