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It's been four years since she left me, four years since the incident. I see him in my dreams sometimes, he laughs at me, taunts me. I can't let him continue doing what he's doing. He can't kill again.

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Project On Hold

News 2 comments

Seriously, i had hoped not to do this on my second bloody news post.

I had backed everything up to my external backup hard drive so I could format my computer, i had one of those moments where i felt that i needed a clean install to get everything back on track.
Three years of freelance work, university work, personal work, personal photos, research and a massive texture library all went off to sit comfortably onto my nice safe external hard drive.

Much to my surprise, when I tried to boot up my hard drive to replace what I had just formatted i found that the hard drive wasn't responding at all. To cut a long story short, it had fried itself, somehow, overnight. It hadn't moved from the space I left it, but it no longer worked.
Lesson #1 : Don't buy cheap external HDDs.

I had managed to back up a few bits of university work and freelance work on some CDs but the majority of it is lost. I have also sent off the HDD to various data recovery companies but a lot of them wanted a massive amount of money for recovering things that were of no importance to me.
Lesson #2: Everyone will try to rip you off.

Whisper is gone, years and years of research that went into developing the story is all gone. Sure, i have it in my head and i still have a lot of paper research. Whisper is quite a personal story for me, so to see all that go to waste was horrific.

This project isn't cancelled, but more on hold until I can find the time again to rewrite the script and get myself back up to scratch inside UDK. It might even turn out better than I had hoped!

Lesson #3: Backup! Backup! Backup!



Project Introduction

Project Introduction

News 2 comments

A brief overview of the projects past, including a brief look at the story and gameplay mechanics of Whisper

Comments  (0 - 10 of 13)
Frdslgnd - - 55 comments

Can i know this game informations

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Runekn - - 91 comments

CSS hand rig?!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
OldManBiles Creator
OldManBiles - - 5 comments

I honestly have no idea what its from, I found it deep in the depths of my collection of textures and models that i've gathered throughout the years.

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the-ghost - - 49 comments

A good idea might be instead of walking speed going so fast make it the same speed as when the gun is raised, going that fast would work as a "sprint" and you can't sprint when your gun is raised, adding the tension to the enemies in the darkness ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ghost59 - - 1,060 comments

this looks good. im going to watch this and the development team

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azultain1999 - - 1,445 comments

it is source engine ? or unreal engine?

It is free or not?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
marko1210 - - 10 comments

it is UDK(Unrel engine) :b

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OldManBiles Creator
OldManBiles - - 5 comments

Thought I'd reply to all in a single comment.
It essentially is iron sights. The weapon will be more centered when I get down to doing final animations and I'll probably speed up the player a little bit(as he does feel really slow when aiming down the sights). I'm also going to open up the other laptop to try and get more smooth camera recordings.
The bullet effects are the standard UTshockRifle impact effects, obviously these will be changed. Everything is place holder for testing the scripting so far. A more polished video will be out late next week with the final arms, weapons and animations.
Cheers for the responses.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Stogie83 - - 342 comments

it would be better if u aim down the sights

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Serygala - - 548 comments

How about ironsights?

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