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When Worlds Collide is an FPS game designed by Wray Burgess about two college-student room mates in canada who decide to escape the war, and the nuclear threat from russia by stowing away on a spacecraft headed to a new planet reported to have survivable conditions for humans. little do they know, that the Russians have sent spies to sabotage the shuttle launch, and destroy the work of the private space exploration team. Fight for your life through 9 levels of action packed gameplay to reach the ship before it leaves.

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When Worlds Collide Overhaul


It's interesting to think how long this has been worked on in one way or another. it's gone through 3 computers, more than 2 years, more than 50 different people have helped, and this marks the 3rd time the game levels have been totally re done. why? well it's because I'm slow. FPSC as an engine has an active development community making it so that whenever I get something new working that I'm proud of, it becomes a standard feature, and I have to continuously up the ante.

Just so you can get some perspective on how far we've come-
the first WWC draft:

5 levels
20 minutes of gameplay
5 guns
33 fps cap
55,000 polygon budget

and now, we've moved on to:

9 levels
45 minutes of gameplay
4 guns
60 fps cap
200,000 polygon budget
2 animated cutscenes

From how far we've gone with this, the game has much promise, I promise!
so stay with us, and we'll keep you updated! As I've promised, WWC will never die.

A sector49 production
special thanks to Juuso Aaltonen, Jan Maslov, Adrien Asselborn, and Abdul Ahad.

Rhyl3yMaster - - 330 comments

Canada is amazing! Eh? So the canadians are the main charectars right?

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wrayayrton Creator
wrayayrton - - 64 comments


Reply Good karma+1 vote
a4great - - 56 comments

looks really good!

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LoudCore - - 146 comments

Wow... I normally ignore ALL FPSC games... but this LOOKS awesome dude!

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wrayayrton Creator
wrayayrton - - 64 comments

well thanks, hopefully you will play it and it will feel awesome too :)

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LuFer17 - - 136 comments

the game looks realy good :) go on,tracked!

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wrayayrton Creator
wrayayrton - - 64 comments

thx :)

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