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"What drives you, stranger?"

Acythian is a cyberpunk/noir themed first person shooter game.

Plot summary:
A retired special forces agent infiltrates the headquarters of
a religious cult to rescue his prodigal foster daughter.
Hereby being unwillingly dragged into a widespread conspiracy.

As a linear, narrative driven game, Acythian builds on lore and
atmosphere to draw haunting science fiction environments and
believable, fleshed out characters that inhabit this world.
The game is set in a distant future where humanity has been
starkly decimated by drawn out wars and nature is regaining
a lot of territory.

The core plot line is relatively simple and the game has a strong
focus on a fully realized world surrounding it. While you'll be
infiltrating the citadel, the headquarters of an influential
religious cult, you will also get a good impression of the lore
and world surrounding this place.

Acythian is a first person shooter at its core while also
implementing adventure game mechanics. There'll be looting
but we try to stay true to its FPS roots and do our best to
avoid cluttered inventories and micromanaging resources.
There will still be plenty of items and gameplay elements
to use and combine in realtime.

For example: You can boost your character using various implants
which will however also add to your neurotoxicty level. This can be fatal
if it reaches a high amount and impair your skills if not deadly.

Weapons in this game will be balanced according to their real world
counterparts and should feel as authentic as I can manage them to be.

The game will not feature any unnecessary gimmick, will not be a clone of
or be "heavily inspired"of an existing game,
will not have a constant barrage of achievments
or hints nor will the pacing be dictated by a string of setpieces.
We will also not feature a tacked on multiplayer service.

With this said I invite you to follow the development process of a
futuristic, gothic adventure set in a hauntingly beautiful world
drenched in rust,tares and blood.

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I've gotten around to add to this map. Thats pretty much all I did for the project lately apart from creating a new set of fuseboxes I have yet to craft shadermaps for .

These cybergothic looking hallways I made out of modded versions of wizard of id's top down shooter pack are areas I'm rather fond off! They also really show that this is Shavra's scifi sister game.

A rather empty office area. The painting on the wall is an aquarelle I painted a few years back. Gameplay wise, you'll find a few necessary items in the room way back

Some more shots of the hallway area. I took the few minutes it takes to make new cylinder tanks specifically for this maps rather than overuse the same ones in each and every level of this game.

I think its good practice to always make a clean and a worn version of any environmental prop you make Its quickly made and can really help you adding that extra notch of naturalism to your levels. If a pipe is clean in a dry and rusty in a wet area for example.

Additional polish added to the hallways area. there will be a linear shootout here where the enemies hold reinforced positions you have to blast through.

The door that leads to that more futuristic area. I like how the emerald green lighting gives it a mildly creepy look.

Thats it for now


Just a quick update. Nothing major, Currently working 9 to 6 and really not getting enough down time but I managed to get the starting room done for the simplified acythian prologue.

I also started designing a rather action intensive level with huge derelict architecture. (Picture) but its still in its inception.

Here the new starting room and a weapon I have been toying around with. Its from game banana and will likely not be in the final game.

The room has a few animated entities that make it seem a bit more alive. I'll also add some moving screen decals later on


Big news is that I escaped retail hell for now. Lets see what divine punishment life is sending my way next. Maybe on my next job a horse comes in every morning and kicks me in the keester.

I've continued working on this map before Game Guru decided to update and subsequently none of my, ooooh I don't know, 4 years worth of map design (a lot of it can be seen on these pages) are loading anymore. Graphix is trying to help an old wolf out with it but I gotta admit. I'm torn between reverting to X9 and sticking with X11... I just don't know yet.
Anyway: Here you have what I produced earlier y'all:

I have fixed a certain a-symmetry in this design.

This is an interesting advancment in my lighting! Actual light reflections. Check out how the purple is being reflected off the metal.

I'm fond of the simple design of this machine.

This level also had the power of purple.

And the infirmary. Adjusting all these X-rays and screens to the games look took me longer than I expected but I think they will end up serving me well.
Thank you for reading!

2018 - Profile Repaired - More Progress

2018 - Profile Repaired - More Progress


The kind staff of indieDB have fixed a bug that made the screenshots and media in my articles repeat endlessly so now I can keep this profile up to date...

Acythian - First Version of Gardens - Cyberpunk/Noir FPS Game

Acythian - First Version of Gardens - Cyberpunk/Noir FPS Game


New screenshots and a few new features introduced to acythian. A free cyberpunk/noir FPS in development.

Acythian - A rocky coast/Outdoor level - Cyberpunk / Neo-Noir FPS

Acythian - A rocky coast/Outdoor level - Cyberpunk / Neo-Noir FPS


Impressions from the outdoor levels and other updates! Acythian is a story-driven cyberpunk first person shooter game currently in development.

Acythian - Sewers/Post Processing - Cyberpunk / Neo-Noir FPS

Acythian - Sewers/Post Processing - Cyberpunk / Neo-Noir FPS

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Heyho Hello! A lot of progress on this project I have 2 maps halfway done and 2 more that are slowly getting to that point. I'm far enough with this project...


I like the sci-fi grim feeling this game has to it, I'm looking forward for the release day, followed!

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Cant wait for Release!

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Serygala Creator

I am currently having issues with endlessly repeating pictures in articles. This is not on purpose in case you wondered.

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Serygala Creator

Thanks to the local support, these issues have been resolved!

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Looks wonderful !

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The level design and atmosphere are amazing... i'm on :3.

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Serygala Creator

Thank you! :)

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Cool game! Followed!

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