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Game Mechanics
Your goal in the game is to beat up waves of unique enemies by performing awesome karate moves on them. There are tons of different moves in the game for you to discover and experiment with. You will be rewarded for being creative with your attacks and stringing long combinations together. We want to make sure that performing cool moves is easily accessible to a regular players, while truly exceptional players will be able to design their own combos. Is it Karate? Is it Kung fu? Play the game to find out!

Normal Moves
Press the left mouse button to hit regular enemies! You can do up to three normal combo hits per enemy. Normal moves are your quickest moves, always try to use these moves first before attempting to land an exciting kung fu combination attack on the enemy!

Unique Moves
Press the right mouse button plus a directional key (W,S,A, or D) to execute one of the three useful moves of Rick's arsenal! These moves come out slower, but they are very useful in different situations. You can also execute a secret technique to make the special moves execute faster. Try doing these moves right after the use of normal moves!

Later on in the game, you will obtain various types of skills. You can use these skills by pressing the number keys from 1 to 4. The skill in the assigned slot will activate and Rick will perform various devastating attacks!

You can customize the skills mentioned above by using ying/yang rune customization. Choose your favorite combination of the runes to customize your favorite skills to your liking! Rune effects can range from merely increasing the area of effect range of a move, to morphing it into a new move altogether!

Bouncy Environment
The world of Karateman is ruled by corporations. In a world where the rich only get richer and the poor only get poorer, one of the major corporations thought of an innovative idea. They created a problem that only they can solve. Using science, they have manipulated the earth's gravity in order to have people pay for an extremely overpriced anti-bounce device! Due to this, almost everyone in the game is bouncing at all times. This goes the same for Rick and his malicious foes! Attack your foes by predicting their bouncing arc! Open them up and perform jaw-dropping aerial Karate-kung-fu combination attacks!!!

Comic book style story presentation
The story of the game is presented in comic book style pages. What will happen to Rick? Is the world going to be saved from the evil hands of the corporations? See it with your own eyes!

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For feedback, either leave the comment here or you can mail me at parallelworldscontact@gmail.com.

We would love to get some feedback on the game. Especially in regards to your general impressions of the game. Suggestions and criticism on the art assets or simply anything that is integrated in the game are more than welcome as well!

The game, I believe is generally playable although there are some bugs here and there. Currently, the skill customization and purchase UI is undergoing an overhaul but I'm sure that won't affect the gameplay so much at this point.

Current features:

- Combo oriented gameplay
- 4 playable levels-Endless mode (fight forever, see how long you last, etc)
- 10 different equippable special skills with 4 runes that alter the skill effect for each skill.
- 1 Active background with different effects depending on how well you do
- 3 levels with alpha state of comic style story telling
- Gold and skill purchase system (extremely buggy)

Some things to keep in mind:

1. This game is made to be played in 1280 x 768 full screen on "good" quality setting at the moment.
2. Button configuration and some stuff in the unity menu generally are not recommended to be changed because the settings are still WIP.
3. If any of the boxes except skip comics are checked in the in game options, please uncheck them as they are still unstable.
4. Our skill purchase system can be buggy at times, sometimes giving you skills you already have. To make up for this, we have included a CHEAT which you guys can exploit. There are buttons in the main dojo menu with skill names on them, click them until they are at 7 to unlock the skill plus all runes for it.

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