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Wartek is an Indie multiplayer mech fighting game being developed entirely by me, I left my job for the year to work on this game full time. I plan on having a playable version of the game ready by the end of the year. What I aim to do is to bring the mil-sim type of feel to the world of mech games, think huge maps with gigantic view distances, simulated projectile physics (including drop, drag, wind), a unique take on how fusion powered mechs would work (you must use excess power to cool your core down), and much more. The graphics will be low-poly retro style. Most of the work right now is designing and writing code for the game, so there is often not much to show off, but stay tuned as I do post pictures and videos of things I've accomplished every now and then.

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Sweet! Hows is the game advancing overall? The updates have been rather sporadic since the announcement last January.

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King_Hayve Author

It's good, most of the work is going into networking code, figuring out the best way to do hit detection, and coding the mech component system where if a component gets damaged it stops working and such. All of those things aren't finished yet so I can't show them off, It's taking longer than I originally thought it would but I still think I have enough time before the end of the year. I just added the wind stuff yesterday and today to have something more fun to do heh. And to have something to show off. I'm currently making plans that will allow me to continue working on the game into 2018 if I am not able to get it sellable by then.

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I've implemented wind effects into the bullet simulation as well as the Coriolis effect, Coriolis effect is very subtle so it's not really noticeable in this video.

The rapid fire gun is based off the GAU-8 avenger (Same gun on the nose of an A-10 thunderbolt aircraft) and shoots 30mm rounds, the more accurate gun is a 120mm autocannon that shoots M829A3 rounds (same rounds that the Abrams tank uses for it's main gun), as you can see the wind effects the different rounds based on their weight.

The wind is blowing directly to the right perpendicular to the bullets being shot and speed is variable gusts of ~10mph to ~50mph, I later increase that to more like 170 to 180mph gusts (huricane force winds)

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