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Your nation. Your rules.

Play as the head of state of your own country, creates strong alliances and make your small piece of land is a world power, in this impressive city-builder that has been inspired by the saga Tropico, and the prestigious Cities Skylines.

Build your nation.

In Warm Lands, you can select which island your nation will be established, which will have to assign a name and a flag, which you can edit to your liking, choosing among a multitude of shapes, symbols and colors.

Let the games begin!

Now you must lead your small country. Set your internal policy and built the first houses. Achieve fame creating a dynamic and diverse metropolis, through all available in the game catalog buildings.

Alliances and enemies.

Create alliances with other countries or if you prefer, build a military infrastructure in your nation and declares the war to appropriate their resources. Import and export citizens, products and raw materials, thanks to our complex trading system.

Game Development.

Warm Lands is a project of Oberion Games, which is being developed with the powerful enige Unity 5, which promises to offer players the best results in-game.

To ensure proper development fans of the game will be published weekly "devblogs" reporting on the progress made in the game.

Warm Lands know that is a very ambitious project that will consume time and money. But with your help we can do it.

Oberion Games: a multicultural initiative for the development of games

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Update #2



New Members.

We started with good news. During these two weeks, new people joined the team Oberion Games. The first to join was Diego, who is now head of the project developer. Then came Wendy, the graphic designer of the study. A week later came Oscar, assistant programmer, manager repository versions and official translator. A few days later came Miguel, assistant programmer. And I, chief designer and together with Diego, game designer. Now that I have a real team, Warm Lands will see how it evolves faster and more solid basis, since we have true professionals working.

[ES] Arrancamos con buenas noticas. A lo largo de estas dos semanas, nuevas personas se unieron al equipo de Oberion Games. El primero a unirse fue Diego, que ahora es programador jefe del proyecto. Después vino Wendy, la graphic designer del estudio. Una semana más tarde llegó Oscar, programador asistente, encargado del repositorio de versiones y traductor oficial. Unos días después vino Miguel, programador asistente. Y finalmente estoy yo, diseñador jefe y junto con Diego, game designer. Ahora que dispongo de un equipo de verdad, veréis como Warm Lands evoluciona de forma más rápida y con bases más sólidas, ya que tenemos a verdaderos profesionales trabajando.

World Mode.

For the first time in the history of the city-builders, in addition to plan and build your city, you can interact with it. Without any doubt, this is the new game registered trademark. Warm Lands offers you the chance to enjoy what the city has to offer: built bars and relax drinking a beer, or if you prefer to make an airport and parachute jumps. This is an innovative mechanics. It mixes genres city-builder and sandbox. Plan, build, explore and interact with your city. Diego has already implemented the Worl Mode to the project.

[ES] Por primera vez en la historia de los city-builders, además de planificar y construir tu ciudad, podrás interactuar con ella. Sin duda alguna, esta es la nueva marca registrada del juego. Warm Lands te ofrece la posibilidad de disfrutar de lo que su ciudad tiene a ofrecer: construye bares y relájate bebiendo una cerveza, o si prefieres crea un aeropuerto y salta de paracaídas. Esto es una mecánica innovadora. Pues mezcla los géneros de city-buildER y sandbox. Planea, construye, explora e interactúa con tu ciudad. Diego ya ha implementado la cámara del Modo Mundo al proyecto.

VR Experience.

This moment is just an idea, and we will not know whether it will be implemented. In World Mode, there will be buildings with which you can interact, to come optimized for use with virtual reality glasses such as roller coasters, etc.

[ES] Esto de momento es solo una idea, y no sabremos si será o no implementada. En el World Mode, habrá edificios con los cuales podrás interactuar, que vendrían optimizados para ser usados con gafas de realidad virtual, como por ejemplo montañas rusas, etc.

Menus with a new face.

Wendy and I designed a new interface for the game. And diego programmed some of the menus. Confirms the concepts yourself:


New Nation concept

Pause menu


UI Concept

Update #1

Update #1


Update 1 | Season 1: New concepts menus and more info!

Warm Lands: The first project of Oberion Games

Warm Lands: The first project of Oberion Games


Your nation. Your rules. Play as the head of state of your own country, creates strong alliances and make your small piece of land is a world power, in...

Jaguar_Rex - - 2 comments

when it will open to public?

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VectorX Creator
VectorX - - 5 comments

Hi Jaguar!
The game is in an early stage of development , and there is no provision for launch. But you can see the news in our weekly updates !

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