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From the creator of Age of Chivalry comes WarFallen, a first person action game set in a medieval themed fictional world. It is a multiplayer game that is designed to be played together with other players online. 2 factions, 4 classes and lots of infected. Play as Archer, Crusader, Plague Doctor or Blacksmith.

steam ani objectives

Each map tells its story and has its own style of gameplay. From a carrying a ladder to besiege a castle wall to killing 1000 of Infected.

steam ani ranged

2 factions, 4 classes and lots of infected. Play as Archer, Crusader, Plague Doctor or Blacksmith. Each character is needed to make up a perfect team.

steam ani infected

Archer - The light class, she has speed and agility as well as impressive skills with ranged weapons.
Crusader - The almost perfect soldier. He is all that you want from a melee fighter. Swords and shields are his weapons of choice.
Plague Doctor - If you are hurt or bleeding, then the doctor has the medicine to get you going. The toxic mixtures that he keeps can also be as deadly for a foe.
Blacksmith - With his hammer he can do miracles. He can build siege engines, repair broken structures.

The game

  • True First Person - What you see, is what you get.
  • Physics based Melee - What you hit, is what you hit.
  • Siege Weapons - Controllable Catapult, Ballista, Ladders and more...
  • All weapons can be used as Melee or Ranged. Block with your bow or throw your greatsword.
  • Versatile Gamemode - Each level has its own gamestyle. Siege castles, Raid villages, Defend an outpost or battle for the last drop or blood.
  • Tactical elements, Build, Repair, Upgrade, Heal, Infect, Throw bait, Caltrops and more...
  • AI driven infected that not just hates everyone, but also as a tactical element. Drive the Infected towards the enemy and use them as an allied.
  • Player Bots are provided for offline games, training or to fill up servers.
  • Online Multiplayer with dedicated servers. The game is designed for 8 vs 8, but if the server can provide, then there is no limit.
  • Dedicated servers
  • eSport support for broadcasting clan wars.

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We listened, read and took all your wishes into account. This content update gives the player a hugely improved combat feedback.
By improving the battle sounds, adding automatic taunts, bigger effects and colored swing trails. The whole combat experience is vastly improved. So much in fact that we felt that a Duel game-mode was in place. With 3 new maps to duel it out on, you can now take on a friend or a bot and see who the better player is.

warfallen patch110 lakeside

Team Deathmatch feels like something from the past, so we have replaced this mode in all maps that used it. We also added a new game-mode called Crown Wars. A new way of playing king of the hill, you actually take the crown and place it on your head. Your team need keep their king alive, as for each second the king lives, the team gets score. But the king has to remain inside the hall, if he goes beyond its borders, the crown will return.

warfallen patch110 crown

Not only can you measure your skills in a Duel, we also added a progression system. Earn XP by and climb the 50 levels to reach the ultimate top.

warfallen patch110 progression


  • Player Progression System. Earn XP and level up.
  • New 'Crown Wars' Game Mode . Hold the Crown for as long as possible.
  • New 'Duel' Game Mode. Three new maps to duke it out with a friend or practice with a Bot.
  • Improved combat feedback. Colored swing trails, bigger effects and more bold sounds.
  • 54 new Achivements.

warfallen patch110 banquet

Patch 1.0.1 is out now! Get updated!

Patch 1.0.1 is out now! Get updated!


Patch 1.0.1 released with over 30 updates and additions. Until July 9th you can get WarFallen for 50% on Humble Bundle and Steam stores.

WarFallen - Pro esport, friendly match

WarFallen - Pro esport, friendly match


The first ever pro esport match in WarFallen. During the launch event on May 28th there where a friendly game between the elite teams Granit and newly...

WarFallen - Pillage and Soulcollector game modes!

WarFallen - Pillage and Soulcollector game modes!


With the full release of WarFallen on the 28th of may, 2019. There will be 2 new game-modes included. This is a sneak preview...

WarFallen - Major update and Lunar Sales discount!

WarFallen - Major update and Lunar Sales discount!


Major update released. E-sport and Spectator mode added. Extensive information for each objective on the maps, shown with short videos. You can also get...

The_Grey_Wizard - - 98 comments

The graphics are incredible. Nice work.

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LunarShuriken - - 1,292 comments

Wow, looks amazing!

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