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War of Dunamis was started July 2010. It is a 3rd person RPG set back in the days of the Romans. Your father and mother are killed by an evil spirit set out to destroy and take over your mainlands, but thankfully your father manages to send the spirit back to the spirit world as a final move of desperation before his death. You and your brother are left the kingdom and must live on your family's tale as the rulers of your beloved country. 5 years later the spirt is back with an army greater than any eye has seen before, the spirit takes over your brother and banishes you to an island to forever live your days... Will you get off this island and fight for what is yours? or will you live in pain and agony for the rest of your days. The choice is yours, choose wisely.

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And on the fourth day


We've finally gotten ourselves temporary lighting, and a skybox! (also temporary)
"Wow.. that's.. not much" you say? Don't be a buzzkill, We're making progress atleast to make sure we bring all of you a well polished, and highly fun game!
We've gotten other treats done for all of you aswell, mudhuts for the starting island, and we're working on marvelous Roman structures for the cities you all can enjoy attacking later in your game.
Screenshots shall be uploaded temporarily, please not looks are subject to change..
Thanks for tuning in!
-Dunamis team

Character Rigged, and more.

Character Rigged, and more.


We've finally gotten our first character rigged, or atleast the base human male body. List of what's done ahead--


The plot sounds really interesting. I'll follow this for a bit. If you need any help with textures, I'd be happy to help.

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