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Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius a 2D Story-driven JRPG that follows Oboro Lazera, and his sister, Vira Lazera, as they traverse five different planets to prevent the resurrection of the Dark Goddess, Amaya. Jump into a world inspired by Pagan mythology and folklore as you combat the many enemies in your way from demons, supernatural beings, and even gods themselves.

While Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius focuses on the story elements that drive most JRPGs, it also heavily prides itself on the ability to customize how each character functions in battle, how they look in and out of battle, and how far they will go throughout the game to accomplish the goals they have set forward for themselves. We wanted to create an RPG that really gave the player a choice about how they play the game, while keeping to getting to the end of the story.

Header Story

Long before the dawn of man, there existed two beings of absolute power and intelligence who had spawned from the very stars that filled the realm of Rumara. These two beings were known as Jaizen and Amaya. For years these two beings fought with each other due to their conflicted beliefs about the world they wanted to create. Jaizen, wanted to create a world of serenity and peace, where all life could live in harmony. However, Amaya wanted a world full of destruction and anguish, where does who lived spent their life in endless pain and suffering. Evenly matched in power and intelligence, they decided to deal with their discrepancy through other methods, thus began the Karma War. Lesser Beings known as the Exceed we’re born from the essence of both Jaizen and Amaya, and forced to war against each other on their newly formed planet, Karma.

For 500 years, the Exceed fought against each other in the name of their creators, but still the war would not end. It had finally dawned on Jaizen that he had allowed Amaya to trick him into giving her what she wants, a world of endless suffering. He pleaded with Amaya to assist him in ending the senseless war, but his words fell on deaf ears. With no other choice and the want to repent for his sins, Jaizen attempted to pull all the Exceed off of Karma and place them onto a new planet known as Mavin. Amaya would not have this, and attempted to finally rid Jaizen from Rumara for good by sucking away his life force. Though all hope had seemed lost for Jaizen, deep inside he gained the strength to stop Amaya from draining away his power, and instead drained her within him. From the now combined powers of his and Amaya, Jaizen forged the sword known as Acacius, which he used to carve the planet Karma into five lesser planets. He placed divine laws upon the universe, then sealed himself within Acacius. Acacius then shattered into five pieces, which shot into the depths of each planet, bringing forth new life to each.

Now a new evil has risen, breaking the will of Jaizen in an attempt to revive Amaya back into the world. Follow Oboro and Vira Lazera, as they traverse the five planets to stop the threat and bring peace back to Rumara.

Header Features

  • Active Time Battle System: With the ability to change how it functions based on the skill of the player.
  • Alchemic Historia: Use the secret arts of the Arun people to create thousands of items ranging from small potions, all the way to costumes.
  • Divine/Deviant Resonance: Combine and resonant with your parties Exceed Partner to become a godly being strong enough to best your opponents.
  • Achievements: Collect over 150 Achievements as you explore the beautiful world of Kirin.
  • Legacy Mode: Relive the past and be a part of some of the most legendary events throughout all of Kirin in Legacy Mode. A playable extra content story mode.
  • Full Scale Talent System: Fully customize each Character using any three of their individual Talent Trees.
  • Skit System: Discover more about the World and the Characters that inhabit it through the Skit System, Mini conversation system inspired by the Tales Series.
  • Custom Skins/Outfits: Unlock Costumes and Outfits through Alchemic Historia, Side-Quest, and Achievements, to change the appearance of each individual character.
  • Fully Voiced Events: Listen to the talented Voice Actors bring out the best of each Character.
  • Original Soundtrack: Composed by the Talented Darren Curtis exclusive for Age of Arius.
  • 40+ Hours of Gameplay: Excluding Side-Quest and Mini Activities.
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Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius
Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius
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