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Visionarium is a visionary music driven VR journey partly created in Tilt Brush. In this experience a visionary trance state is simulated. The Oculus Touch controllers lets you paint beautiful and spectacular particle streams while your floating from one dimension to another in this immersive experience. Guided by a soundtrack from one of the best Psy Dub artists on the planet: Kalya Scintilla.

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Psychedelic VR


"Visionarium" Simulating the psychedelic experience in VR

Visionarium is one of the very best tools to get to know what it is like to be in the psychedelic realms. People who have experience with psychedelics say that it is as close to tripping without taking anything. As the developer I can relate to that. Every time I do the full experience I have all the symptoms of a mushroom or Ayahuasca experience. (sweaty hands, Hairs standing on end high or low temperature switches).

As an artist I have always been interested in the immersion and the amount of detail in these altered states. If you close your eyes and you really concentrate on the visuals there unfolds a multi dimensional universe to explore (if you dare to take enough that is).

The aim of my work is to simulate an experience and to make it accessible. I think there is some very deep meaning in the experience that should be explored and that everybody should have the right to be able to do so. The more simulations we create the closer we can come to a mutual understanding. Another view is that sharing our inner worlds can result in insights into new ways of communication and lifts the veil of our future evolution of the human consciousness and creative potential. Tools like Tiltbrush make it more and more accessible for people to paint out there own inner soul worlds which make VR such a powerfull new artistic medium. This is what the artist has always dreamed of! lets put on the goggles, take on the controllers and paint our way into the new virtual utopia!

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