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Civilization has crumbled under the onslaught of a zombie invasion. Pockets of humanity survived here and there, trying to make do make it to the next morning. Or trying to take advantage of the lawlessness and savagery of the new world. In this new world you’re set on a misterios mission, yet to be revealed. But first you need to make it to the next day alive. See to that, find friends to help you in your quest and you may find there’s more to a zombie apocalypse than you know from B-movies.

Welcome to Urban.Your strife begins.

Additional info on our site: Urbanstrifegame.com
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Urban Strife is now on greenlight. The link is right below
Greenlight link

Squad tactical turn-based game with deep RPG elements. Features action points, zombies, stealth, scavenging and crafting, dangerous enemies and complex characters with rich backstories and conflicting interests.


Urban Strife is a turn-based squad game, based on the premises of surviving a zombie apocalypse. While scavenging resources and building up your shelter, follow an intrigue filled with dark truths, deep social conflicts, faction warfare and bickering. Yep, a lot of bickering about this... and that... and... you get the idea. Humans - world can end but they will never stop bickering. And you got to make them happy. Welcome to Urban. Enjoy your stay.

Scavenge what resource you can, steal the rest. The new world is merciless. Protect your party, only together you can survive. Be a trusty ally or backstab the locals, it's a dog eat dog new world and there are no rules, except the one with the bigger guns is right.


Repair, build and upgrade the Urban town refugee shelter and transform it into a your base of operations. Play the internal politics game to strike a balance between the entitled rich residents of Urban and the flocks of ragtag refugees seeking refuge from all around the country. Keep them happy and they will help you run the shelter. Make them hungry and you will have an angry mob to deal with.

Deep Tactical Combat

  • Automatic cover system: Characters use any cover available if close enough. Low cover (shoot over it) and high cover (shoot around it). The cover value depends on what is made of (if it looks sturdy, it’s better), on the type (low/high) and the angle the attacker has. An attack at an angle is more likely to succeed than a frontal one.
  • Action points: Each character has a number of action points to spend each turn on attacking, supporting or positioning.
  • Attributes and Skills: There are four attributes that influence different aspects of the combat and the skills available for a character. Strength, Agility, Marksmanship and Intelligence, each has it’s own branch of skills. There will be passive and active skills.
  • Smart enemies: Depending on the faction you are facing, the human enemies act differently. Expect the military to be professionals and a difficult adversary, while others may use their savagery or cunning instead.
  • Stealth: Move from cover to cover to avoid being seen, but be careful of the noise as well. Loud noises attract attention.
  • Zombies: Don’t let the undead see or hear you. It’s better if they attack the enemy so try to maneuver them to your advantage.
  • Scavenge: Search for anything you can use or trade. Toothpaste and soap are nice, but ammunition and grenades are better.

Single Player Campaign
Take contracts between feuding factions. Manage your equipment and team, but most of all, manage your relations with the local factions. Make hard decisions that affect your party and the outcome of the the faction war raging across the entire county. Allies will provide you with better, unique tools, recipe and gear, while enemies will never forgive and forget.

Platform: We are focusing on PC due lack of resources, but Unreal Engine 4 is a cross-platform engine. We will definitely look into supporting Mac and Linux in the future.

Explosion Damage

Explosion Damage

News 2 comments

How explosions affect surrounding objects, buildings, asphalt and so on.


Love it.Just an idea:add some color to tell who´s friend or foe.

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This looks fantastic, will buildings be destructible or at least the windows?

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