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Unwashed on Steam

Unwashed is an intense story horror game where players must avoid becoming dirty to survive against scary creatures and solve puzzles.

Release Date: TBD

After a big resource war, the Lumina project was born with the aim of creating a new, perfect world. AA, a robot sent to test Lumina, becomes sentient. AA sets out on an adventure to seek answers about its existence and uncover the dark secrets of the Lumina project, which may be linked to the disappearance of Dr.Tempus, the famous scientist.

The primary goal of the game is to complete the level and advance the story. To achieve this, players must survive encounters with the Herbizide and solve puzzles along the way.

Dirty areas are scattered around the level, making the player dirtier as they pass through. The level of dirtiness indicates how clean the player character is. The dirtier the player becomes, the slower their movement and the louder the noise they create. This impacts their ability to stealthily maneuver and escape.

Players have various ways to clean themselves, such as shaking their body, using air vents, or utilizing cleaning stations. The choice depends on the level of dirtiness and how clean they wish to be.

A true terror in the game. In each level, players must avoid enemies (Herbizide), each with their own strategy.

The main game story unfolds through cutscenes and gameplay actions within the levels. Additional side stories are revealed through diaries or notes that players can discover during their exploration. These side stories can also be metaphorically conveyed through interactive objects that players can inspect and examine.

*The game is currently a work in progress, and we reserve the right to change or modify the game content and information on the store page as needed.

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UNWASHED - March, 2023 Devlog

The Starry Night Unwashed

The gravitational pull of experience

Through countless hours spent watching horror movies and playing horror games, I've been inspired to pursue my dream of creating a truly terrifying horror video game that not only scares players but also delivers a powerful message.

In 2020, I launched two horror games - Best Friend and Psycho - within the same year. While I was proud of the work I had accomplished, the final products didn't meet my expectations. Both games suffered from bugs and poor game design, leading to mixed reviews from players. However, this invaluable feedback helped me learn a great deal from those two projects. As I look back on those experiences, I remain determined to create the best horror game possible and am committed to refining my skills as a developer.

March Devlog Gif 1

A dim star in the night sky

Last year, I had the chance to study abroad as an exchange student, with the opportunity to attend schools in both my home country and abroad. However, every time I visited either school, I witnessed tears, pressure, and problems among the students. There was a diverse mix of students, with varying strengths and weaknesses, such as some excelling in math while others in art. Some students wore shoes worth over a thousand dollars, while others just wore flip-flops. Sadly, I also observed instances of bullying, with some students being victimized and others being the perpetrators. Notably, some bullies faced disciplinary action, while others did not.

Moreover, in some countries, particularly those that are developing, the issue of education is complex and difficult to solve. Access to education varies significantly from region to region, with some children lacking opportunities while others have more than they need. It may seem like an old problem that has already been addressed and fixed, but unfortunately, it still persists. Despite the concerns expressed by many, little has been done to effect real change. Sometimes what appears to be a small problem can escalate into a bigger issue, and that could happen sooner rather than later.

March Devlog Gif 2

The Space Telescope

Looking at the dimmest star in a starry sky with a telescope can help us see problems more clearly. Sometimes, the small problems we ignore might be bigger than we think. Even though I may not have the expertise to solve a significant problem, I, as a student, can bring attention to the issue that most students face. By doing so, I hope to raise awareness among a broader audience, including those who have the capability to resolve the problem. Using a video game to convey a message can help young people and others understand the issue easily while having fun. To emphasize the problem's seriousness and discourage it, I decided to make it a horror game.

March Devlog Flashlight

The March Big Bang

Putting aside the gloomy narrative, let's focus on what I accomplished this month. I started the project towards the end of 2022, and until now, I've been primarily in the pre-production phase. I composed the screenplay and script for the game and created the fundamental horror game mechanics.

These are some of the systems that I have finished this month:

  • Main Menu
  • In-Game Menu
  • Save Game
  • Load Game
  • Basic Player Movement (Ex: Crouching, Sprinting, Leaning)
  • Footsteps Sound
  • Head Bobbing
  • Fundamental Game Mechanic
  • Cutscene System
  • Music & Ambient
  • Color Grading (Post Processing)

This month was largely dedicated to preparing for the production phase, where my focus will be on developing the game levels and storyline.

March Devlog MainMenu

I am developing the game by myself. It may take longer to launch compared to other video games. I apologize for the slow process and assure you that I will do my best to complete the game and release it this year. I will provide monthly updates on the game's progress through these blog posts. Thank you for reading and showing an interest in this little indie game.

Wishlist Unwashed now on Steam!

Unwashed on Steam

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