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About {Undefined}

The idea for {Undefined} came, because conventional games provide you with premade building blocks which can then be used to build stuff. But premade blocks always bring limitations. So we created {Undefined} where we provide as little premade objects as possible!

{Undefined} is a sandbox survival game like no other, set on life-sized voxel planets with realistic phyisics with the possibility to shape your own building blocks. From your custom made furniture, walls, crafting stations to vehicle parts. You shape the blocks which can then be used to build buildings, spacecraft and aircraft. Endless possibilites with as little limitations as possible!

Survive, gather resources and start designing and building!

Feature List

  • Object Designer: Lets you design your own building blocks and functional blocks (e.g. walls, furniture, machines, rocket parts, etc...)
  • Planets and Moons: Fully destructible Voxel Planets (Drill them for ores or build underground bases), Nearly life-sized planets and moons, Various biomes, realistic atmosphere simulation, realistic gravity simulation, caves
  • Game Modes: Survival, Creative
  • Design Vehicles, Aircraft and Spacecraft: Our Object Designer also lets you build your own vehicle parts and therefor vehicles
  • Complex Systems and Simulations: Electricity, Logic Systems, Conveyor System, Thermodynamic Simulation (Heat simulation, heat distributes to other blocks), Oxygen and Gas System, Automation Systems
  • Farming
  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer
  • Utilizes Unreal Engine 5

Voxel Planets

Life-sized voxel planets with various biomes and climate zones. From high mountains to flat grasslands, from hot deserts to cold arctic environments, you have to survive and use the resources you have!

Shape your own components!

Unlike in conventional games, in {Undefined} you can shape your own building components! Shape and design your own walls, furniture, machines, vehicle components, statues... you name it! Our Object Designer allows you to carefully design anything you can imagine without any limitations. You can even design functional blocks like lamps and crafting stations!

Now use your designs!

Of course, after designing your own furniture or building components, you will have to use them! Build the house of your dreams, or spacecraft to fly into space and construct a spacestation up there. The only limit is your imagination!

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We just released the autocrafting update!
This will allow you to automate your base to a very high degree and automatically craft items in an assembler! In combination with the logistics system, the quarry and the autofarmer this brings this game to a whole new level of complexity!

Here you can see the assembler in action!

You can also design your own assembler in the object designer and we added autocrafting functionality to the arc furnace and to the mineral extractor!

We also added a Recycler which will allow you to destroy items. (materials you don't need from quarry for example!) Of course you can also design your own recycler in the object designer! In the future the recycler will also be able to dismantle items to get back their base resources.

We also added some creative energy source for creative mode so it's easier to try out stuff in creative mode which needs electricity! And of course we fixed a few bugs again! We hate bugs... they are nasty... uuurghh...

Quarry and Auto-Farmer
You don't want to mine by hand anymore? No problem now there's an automatic quarry which can do that for you!

The update includes an automated quarry, 2 new custom block functions (design your own quarry and a recycler), a new ruler item to take measurements, a farming table and a lot of improvements and bug fixes!

Here's some pictures!

In the first picture you can see the visualization of the area the quarry will process. You can adjust this area and hide the visualizer!

Here you can see the quarry in action and the laser going down!

The autofarmer allows you to automatically harvest and regrow plants! It works very similar to the quarry in terms of controlling it! We also added a new custom object function so you can design your own automatic farmer!

What's up next?
Now we will start working on gas/fluid pipes, oxygen and fuels. This means players will actually need an oxygen atmosphere to survive. If you build a space station or a base on the moon you will have to supply your base interior with oxygen! Also plants won't grow in vacuum anymore and furnaces won't work without oxygen anymore.
Also rocket engines won't run on electricity anymore and will use fuel which also can be made out of alcohol which will be made out of sugarcanes for example.
After this we want to refine vehicles because we are not very happy with their state at the moment and want to make them more useful! This means we want to add vehicle drills, autopilots (drones!) and connectors to connect vehicles to your base. (pipes and electricity)
And of course we will continue to fix bugs!

Join us on Discord!
Don't miss the latest dev info and updates on our discord channel! Join us now! I said now!!! did you already join?

- {ADDED} assembler. Introduces automatic crafting
- {ADDED} custom object function: assembler. Let's you design your own assembler
- {ADDED} autocrafting to arc furnace
- {ADDED} autocrafting to mineral extractor
- {ADDED} recycler object
- {ADDED} game version to HUD
- {ADDED} creative energy source (only in creative mode)
- {IMPROVED} sound for quarry and auto farmer
- {IMPROVED} moved GPS beacon crafting location to construction table
- {IMPROVED} laser effect
- {FIXED} automatic farmer sound was on, even if it was idle
- {FIXED} weird shadows on axe
- {FIXED} creative mode still consumed resources sometimes

- {ADDED} quarry (for automated mining)
- {ADDED} object designer function: quarry (you can design your own quarries!)
- {ADDED} object designer function: recycler (can destroy items. In a later update it will let you disassemble items/custom objects again into their resources)
- {ADDED} ruler item (instead of hammer for taking measurements)
- {ADDED} farming table (moved all farming related crafting items to this table)
- {IMPROVED} generator sound
- {IMPROVED} increased torch lifecycle
- {IMPROVED} sound attenuation for various blocks
- {IMPROVED} sound volume for various blocks
- {FIXED} player can interact with world (F) while in inventory or some other ingame menu
- {FIXED} lamps did not glow for clients
- {FIXED} cable and pipe view points had collisions
- {FIXED} client origin rebasing not working after being on the server for a while
- {FIXED} solar panels not generating electricity when they're on a wall or have an object behind them
- {FIXED} pipe sorter doesn't consume voltage
- {FIXED} pipe sorter can't be disabled in electricity tab

- {ADDED} automatic farmer
- {ADDED} custom block function: automatic farmer (you can design your own automatic farmer)
- {IMPROVED} internal code for quarry
- {FIXED} client doesn't see correct current processed slice values in quarry ui
- {FIXED} when client joins running game, quarry visualization was not updated
- {FIXED} performance drop when adjusting quarry process area
- {FIXED} crash to desktop (FATAL ERROR), due to voxel engine error on maps with a lot of digging going on

Patch 2.1.4

Patch 2.1.4


We just released patch 2.1.4 which brings the following changes.

Moon and Aerodynamic Drag Released!

Moon and Aerodynamic Drag Released!


We just added the moon, first version of aerodynamic drag, some other small things and bug fixes!

Winner of this Weeks Community Contest!

Winner of this Weeks Community Contest!


We just picked the winner of this weeks community creations contest!

"Going to Space" Major update is live!

"Going to Space" Major update is live!


Build spacecraft and space stations in {Undefined}!

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Looks interesting. Tracking^^

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undefined_the_game - - 3 comments

It's an honor for us to be on that list:

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