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An action-based Metroidvania adventure. You are Sir Abelard, sent by his liege, King Atlas to investigate the fall of Varda, the Kingdom of Lord Faustus, which was believed to have been caused by a mysterious artifact spoken in legend as the Umber Throne.

The world of Umber Throne exists within an immense void known as the Empyrean Expanse. Within this void float an immeasurable number of Realms, which have the appearance of floating chunks of earth. Upon each Realm sits a Kingdom and within each Kingdom sits a King.

The state of a Realm is tied to that of its King. If he is sickly and weak, the Kingdom is rather barren and in shambles. If he is mighty and thriving, his Kingdom will be the same.

Every Kingdom is connected by a sort of 'highway' of light known as the Aether Streams. To date, most Kingdoms have created special Aether Galleons which can travel upon these Streams allowing them to interact with others.

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Umber Throne will be probably maintain its current rate of development whilst I work on my other active project, Key of Ethios. There may be a few updates here and there, but it'll probably just be on hold. So yeah, that's what this is about. And now I've gotta pad the length for whatever reason, so there's enough characters to send it through.

Back to work! + Reimagining the castle

Back to work! + Reimagining the castle


After taking a bit of a break, I'm beginning to continue work on Umber Throne.

FeyWeather - - 1 comments

Gorgeous art. Great blending of medieval/steampunk/sci-fi as well by the sounds of things, and I love the animation style. Tracking!

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Sirogi - - 55 comments

Interesting project.

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~cHendler~ - - 776 comments

Like the art style. Tracking. (^_^)

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