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Tyras is an adventure-based, massively multiplayer online role playing game. The focus is on questing based more on the journey than the objective. Whether you are climbing the tall, snowy peaks, avoiding deadly avalanches and vicious golems, or tracking down a wanted killer, using clues in the environment to guide you, Tyras has players rely more on their own instinct and awareness than told where to go by a quest tracker.

Tyras will feature skill based combat with almost all skills having a sort of travel time. Players will be required to quickly line up and anticipate spells in the action packed battles against massive dragons and immense hordes of the undead. Skill's range and use will vary between the five unique classes available.

Tyras features no dedicated healer, relying more on the first aid skills of all classes. Players will have to patch bleeding wounds and cure poison and sickness effects using bandages and remedies gathered from the environment. With towns being scarce in the rough wilderness, players will rely heavily on the supplies they bring and what they can scavenge from their surroundings.

Tyras will be heavily cooperative, with more players, more supplies and assistance will be available. Warbands, the guilds of the game, will be able to group up and take down the colossal beasts of the untamed wilds. Players will be almost on the same group with leveling as well. Tyras only features 30 character levels, making the leveling more of a tutorial, able show the progression of your character from a new face in the world, to a renown beast slayer and bounty hunter. The end game will be the largest portion of the game, testing the player's skill in combat and their group's mechanics.

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Graphics Development


Been working on adding and improving the graphics for Tyras. Added tons of new graphics for the first city, Ravenguard. New trees, houses, farm items, and various small objects. More screenshots of the updated graphics can be found in the images tab.

Also be sure to check out the Tyras Dev Blog for more updates and news, more often.


MMO, sounds good but when do you expect a first release or beta. Roaming around with other players with be the best bit of the game.

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Sekaru Creator

Duders has been working pretty hard on it. I'd expect something relatively soon.

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Yea because this seems like a good idea where combat is not the main focus, wish you guys good luck.

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