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What is Kando World?
ando World is a indie free to play MMORPG coming to Pc, Android & iOS. The game has a oldschool visual feel while keeping up to date with features such as: Guild V Guild PvP, Open world PvP, Skill trees, Battlegrounds, Raids, Dungeons and more!

Open World PvP?
ando will feature a OWPVP(open world pvp) server which players who are not in safe zones(towns,dungeons,etc) can kill another player and receive exp. The Open world pvp also works as Guild pvp as you cannot pvp guild mates unless you both agree to it.

More to come soon...

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Kando World Quality Of Life Update 2.3 and 2.3b

Kando World Update 2.3 and 2.3b is one many of our testers have been waiting on for in the past few weeks when we announced it. It features mainly improvements to the game that have been requested by the tester base of the game. We have taken everyone's in game and out of game feedback and gone through it with our team to decide what was the best course of action to take. Also if your suggestion is not on the list please dont worry. It may be we just didn't have enough time to fit it in or it could be we are still working on it for future patches. And as always, if you have any suggestions please feel free to post them or if your a tester please use the in game report tool. Here is the patch notes.

This shows off the new hp and party bars coming, there are graphics errors in this map, these are for testing purposes only

Patch b changes

  • Now a debug mouse position counter
  • GUI updated for a few older bits
  • New HP/Resource/Exp bars
  • Basics of click to move and attack now working
  • Island 2 started,only a couple of maps
  • Player names are now slightly easier to read due to a black shadow layer now below the colour
  • 2 item slot hot keys now render black when not being used(was white)
  • Possible fix for AH

General Changes/Fixes

  • There is now a FPS counter for testing purposes atm
  • Added a basic trap system in game, those who are hit by traps will have damage dealt to them
  • Warriors and Thiefs can no longer us MP adding items such as Blue Kando-Ade, this is because they no longer use MP
  • When being damaged over time in the first dungeon(Sgt.Slime) you will now see the damage numbers correctly showing above your character when hit
  • On the healers screen his chat has been bolded and the text size increased, we may or may not keep this depending on feedback
  • Chat now displays previous chat text up to the last 6 messages when you press enter
  • a unused surface layer has been removed which may cause a large fps increase for everyone especially those on old computers
  • Spell animations have been semi fixed, they are no longer huge AOE'ing, now just small AOE
  • Item sizes have now been increased and sheets sorted to allow more items and better FPS increase
  • Auction house and experience bag screen hotkeys have been removed(A,B) for the time being until a NPC is in game to do it for you
  • New tiles for water has been finally added aswell as new sand
  • Island 2(Zordia) has been completely dropped and is being rebuilt from scratch with a much better layout and plan
  • Possibility of Selling to a shop now working
  • Possibility of fix for when selling something it remained in the shop sell screen until something else sold
  • Shops selling UI has been updated so the picture is no longer cut off
  • You can now Hotkey any item to Hotkey 5
  • When you hit level 10 and the choose class popup appears, when hovering over each class a box appears round them to make it more obvious which one you are hovering over
  • Increased Item surfaces to 6 layers from 2, allowing more smaller surfaces and better performance
  • When Healing using a healer the correct krad amount should now show
  • When client loads up the correct version client will now be displayed

Warrior Changes/Fixes

  • Warriors "Harsh Strike" tooltip in the skill screen has been updated to correctly show 100% of hit block is added and not 10% like it said
  • Warriors Rage Attack Bonus is now set to 90% instead of 100%
Kando World Hits Kickstarter!

Kando World Hits Kickstarter!

News 1 comment

Kando World is now on Kickstarter and we can't wait to show you what freebies you can get for backing us!

Kando World Website Update & More!

Kando World Website Update & More!


We have been working hard and finally finished the new site aswell as other little updates!

Kando Profession Update

Kando Profession Update


Has details about all the professions that have been added to Kando World in the latest patch for testers to play.

Kando Server Test

Kando Server Test

News 2 comments

We have just ran a Server test with our GM's and CP's aswell as a few of our players.



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This looks fun, great job. Keep it up!

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