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Dodge bullets, sneak in the shadows and unleash your deadly gun-fu skills on the bad guys who took everything from you. Free demo coming out now!

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Top 100! Thanks everyone! Let's talk about next year's plans and how much progress we made this year.

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Hi everyone, it's WilsonC with a year in review and some updates.

Thanks so much for playing the demo and providing feedback! It really helps figure out what to improve and fix for the next demo. Haven't had time to get back to everyone but rest assured I'm carefully reading over and listening to every comment, email, tweet etc.

By the way voting hasn't finished yet, we still have a chance at getting top upcoming indie! Vote HERE!

Team and website

Glad to say the project has grown from being a one man army project. Brandon, who voices the soldiers, is now also playing a larger part in writing, recruiting and directing voice actors. More info on this soon.

Also joining us is Kopter, who recently worked on Payday 2. He'll be helping with weapon animations and tech art, we'll be showing off some huge improvements in those areas soon :) Here's his portfolio:

We also have a website now, Trepang2.com (yes the name is still placeholder though).

Progress review

Let's take a look at progress. This is how the game looked like in late 2017:

Compared to the 2018 demo (brutal kill montage graviously recorded by wKdISGooD

You can really see the huge improvement in level design, enemy AI, vfx etc.

2019 Roadmap

There will be plenty of updates, fixes and new content in 2019. With a dream team and tons of valuable feedback, expect tons of progress and an even bigger jump in quality as we replace a lot of placeholder assets.

Content is a much bigger focus now, as we've narrowed down a fun and exciting formula for the game, it's finally time to build on that :)

Based on a lot of input from the demo, here's a summary on what we plan on doing:

  • First person weapons and animations (currently they are all placeholder)
  • Unconventional weapons to mix up combat options
  • Story. Already have tons of stuff written and voice actors are recording lines :) Will be showing off cool story stuff in the coming year
  • More diverse environments with greater visual fidelity. The demo environment art pass was done in less than 2 weeks, we can definitely do better next time.
  • Enemy AI glitches and optimization issues
  • New enemy archetypes to keep you on your toes in combat
  • Improved and rebalanced stealth so it's more viable as an option
  • Generally improved animation systems so characters move more smoothly and naturally
  • Cleaning up particles, tweaking eye adaptation, fixing hard to see in combat issues
  • (Maybe) Vehicular combat? :)
  • Improved gore

Happy holidays!

That's it for this update, we'll be seeing you in the new year with some cool new updates. Follow to get new updates in your inbox!

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Sounds great!

Also, body dismemberment could be improved. Keep up the good work!

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wilsonC Author

Forgot to mention, still investigating the crash to desktop issue. Will definitely be fixed in the next demo.

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wilsonC Author

Also rewriting the save system so it won't be slow. Fun stuff :)

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That's some great news right here, good luck on the path my man.

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Man, dunno what are you planning, but you should make enemy corpses heavier and make them have muscles tensed for a while after being killed, there is enough ragdolls in FPS games, really.

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Please get invert mouse working.

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