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Treason... A group of mafia members find a dead body. There are traitors in the group...

To find out who the traitors are, the innocents have to collect Clues and make them pay for what they've done!

- The innocent players win by finding clues and eliminating traitors.
- The traitors win when they have wiped out all the innocents...

There is 1 Detective in the group. He must investigate corpses found by innocent players to gather enough DNA to nose out who the Traitors are.

The game will be on Steam soon as a free to play Source Mod. We are always happy with playtesters and casual players that like Trouble in Terrorist Town / Among us.

Discord: Discord.gg

Players: 8-16 recommended.

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Treason Update #2


header v2


  • Fixed SSE and SSE2 are required and Game shader trying to override a base shader errors on startup;


  • Added a team kill punisher: if a player is at or below _t_teamkill_karmathreshold karma (default: 50), killing _t_teamkilllimit teammates (default: 3) in a single round will result in a kick and a temporary ban, team kill counter will go down by 1 each round until it reaches 0;
  • Updated existing voice lines and added new voice commands:
  • I'm walking here.
  • Deliver the clue.
  • Hold fire!
  • They're innocent.
  • Follow me.
  • Get out of here!
  • Sorry.
  • Stick together.
  • Added Player Mute option in the main menu, that allows you to mute voice chat from specific players;
  • Fixed incorrect name of _t_rating_round_wintraitors console variable (previously shared name with _t_rating_round_wininnocents);
  • Added a soft limit of traitors: _t_traitosmax (default: 4);
  • Softcoded the number of traitors to be chosen: total number of players divided by _t_traitosprevalence (default: 4);
  • Changed default values of some console variables:
  • _t_revivecooldown to 50;
  • _t_dev_immunitytime to 10.0;
  • _t_dev_immunitydamage to 0.25;
  • _t_karma_round_winalive to 15;
  • _t_karma_killenemy to 5;
  • _t_karma_killteammate to -12;
  • _t_dev_clue_glowtime to 6.0;
  • Creating a kick vote now requires specifying a reason for kick;
  • Added a brand new Don model, that will also be used for players during Annihilation rounds;
  • C.P.U. now has an arrow icon, showing it's location, when you hold a clue (can be toggled client-side using _t_disable_cpuicon);
  • Zombie Traitors will now have flies particle flying around them;
  • Picking up a clue after round end will no longer preserve it for next round;
  • Proximity voice chat is now automatically disabled at the end of the round;
  • Bomb damage will now count as coming from the player who planted the bomb, so damaging someone with a bomb will now show up in your damage counter;
  • Added a console variable to toggle in-game hints: _cl_hudhintenable;
  • Hints, that require you to approach a certain entity (such as C.P.U. hints or Clue hints) will no longer trigger when you are spectating;
  • Fixed incorrect Hat model skins for Mafia (when the hat is shot off);
  • Don's body glow will now produce a sound;


  • Round end screen will no longer show irrelevant stats in Annihilation;
  • Changed font of HUD menus (such as voice commands menu);
  • Made voice status panel wider;
  • Removed rounded corners from hint box, making it look consistent with the rest of the design;
  • When spectating a player, you will now see their Steam name next to their Pseudo name;
  • Voting music will no longer be stopped when casting a vote;
  • Round end screen will now show player of the match and final kill of the match if it was the last round;
  • Round end screen will now show Zombie Traitors separately, at the end of traitors list;
  • When you are a Traitor and have been revealed, player card will now have a target icon over your role icon;
  • Made background of Play or Spectate menu darker;
  • Main menu music will now restart when leaving the server through main menu button;
  • Spectator UI will now fade out when round end panel is fading in;
  • Game icon has been slightly updated;


  • New map: Villa;

t villa loading image


  • Added balcony at Bombsite B, that connects Mid and Bombsite A;
  • Added an extra route between Bombsite B and Bombsite D;
  • Added various cover spots;
  • General optimizations;


  • Removed walls at Bombsite D;
  • Added a peek spot near Bombsite B;
  • Extended room with window, that leads outside;
  • Extended garage in basement;
  • Removed some doors near C.P.U. table;
  • Made main corridor wider;
  • Added various cover spots;
  • General optimizations;


  • Expanded area between Bombsite Green, Bombsite Red and Bombsite Blue;
  • Changed area around Blue Bombsite;
  • Expanded several corridors throughout the map;
  • Added C.P.U. signs;
  • Increased delay before fire appears at spawnpoint;
  • Added various cover spots;
  • General optimizations;


  • Added a room behind Bombsite A, with a secret route to the gym;
  • Added windows to the garage door of the gym;
  • Changed beach;
  • Removed glass doors at Bombsite B;
  • Extended room behind C.P.U.;
  • Added various cover spots;
  • General optimizations;

Dust 2 Ode

  • Added stairs from Mid to the C.P.U.;
  • Changed textures;
  • Added 3D skybox;
  • Added various cover spots;
  • General optimizations;


  • Extended corridors behind Bombsite A and Bombsite C;
  • Added C.P.U. signs;
  • Added various cover spots;
  • General optimizations;


  • Added Bombsite C and Bombsite D;
  • Added various cover spots;
  • General optimizations;


  • Moved C.P.U. to another location on the second floor;
  • Expanded various corridors and rooms;
  • Added various cover spots;
  • General optimizations;

Download Treason through Steam:

ss ad52acde830e2b2a56ad9acfad134

Treason is released on Steam!

Treason is released on Steam!


The game is currently trending on Steam, it's poppin up all over in New & Trending categories! Treason is a social deception FPS, inspired by TTT/Murder...

Major update Treason!

Major update Treason!


In Treason, a group of mobsters finds a dead body. There are traitors amongst them...To find out who the traitors are, the innocents have to search for...

Treason Playtest build available on Steam

Treason Playtest build available on Steam


Request acces to the Playtest Build through the Steam page!

Treason visible on Steam!

Treason visible on Steam!


Happy to announce that the Steam page for Treason is now live! You can wishlist Treason effective immediately.

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