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When Geometry Wars meets Zuma, you end up with Transcripted. This arcade game mixes elements of a classic multidirectional shooter with puzzle game elements. Transcripted is the first game of Alkemi, a small indie game studio with a team of 2. The game is planned to be released by the end of 2011 on PC and Mac. During the development you'll be able to play test some of the game elements on a web version found on our web site.

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A trailer for Transcripted !


There is a lot of new stuff since the last news about the game :
- 2 new weapons : the laser beam, and the plasma missile
- laser and plasma turrets (beware!)
- new avatar skin (we hope you'll like the nano-robot style ;) )
- avatar customisation / skill tree
- switches that you can activate with DNA Cubes
- x360 gamepad handling
- new background decor
- lots of visual updates !

About the online demo : We are sorry but we are focusing on the main developpement of the game and we don't have time to maintain the online version anymore...

First glimpse at the Transcripted Menu

First glimpse at the Transcripted Menu

News 1 comment

After a few weeks of contract jobs (one has to eat), we're back to Transcripted. A new online test version has been uploaded with the first pass on the...

Transcripted - first gameplay video

Transcripted - first gameplay video

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Here is a small clip of gameplay video from our game project Transcripted, a 2D shooter with strong elements of puzzle game.

Transcripted - Web Test Version

Transcripted - Web Test Version


Our first Flash prototype of Transcripted is more than a year old now and we finally decided to make it into a real game. We spent a month to convert...

gunesk - - 3 comments

when will it released?

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Arowx - - 12 comments

Wow, great graphics like the gameplay mash up!

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EmanuelMontero - - 50 comments

Great game! Awesome visual and awesome gameplay :)

I have only a small suggestion about the "static" how to play level. It would be more fun if you add an interactive tutorial where players learn how to play the game while playing the game. You know, step-by-step controls, goals and gameplay.

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Krobill Creator
Krobill - - 1 comments

Thx for the comments.

The web version is really just a small early demo of what the full game will be. The final product will include a scenarized campaign with lots of additional features and of course tutorial levels to introduce the game mechanics one at a time.

These heavily scripted levels will appear later when the whole thing is a lot more balanced and most of the gameplay features are implemented. We can't afford to produce scripted interactive tutorials just right now because we know the game is still going to evolve a lot.

We'll soon work on the game interface which is... errr... a little rough around the edges ^^. I think, we will try to implement a simple 'hint system' to pop up small info windows each time you see something new in the game to explain how things work.

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Threvlin - - 74 comments

Looking shiny, I'll need to track this one.

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CyanDynamo - - 65 comments

this looks insanely awesome.

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Fxor - - 362 comments

You just got your self/team a new tracker. :)

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