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Tower of Chaos combines the depth of tactical auto battlers, captivating exploration with rogue-lite elements, and an immersive story with multiple characters sharing an ambiguous past.

Build up your army

As a commander, you have the freedom of recruiting your units, setting the most effective formation on the battlefield, forging powerful items and acquiring the mighty Patron’s blessings.

Using special potions can turn the tide of the battle into your favor, but only true leaders are capable of engaging in a fight at the right moment. Combining powers from all sources grants you endless possibilities for perfecting your build.

Control the Chaos

Your actions at the tower will not remain unnoticed. Conquering it empowers its guardians, making exploration more dangerous. You have countless opportunities of acquiring precious loot, but choosing the greedy path will make your fall imminent.

Acquiring blueprints opens up a possibility to shape floors of the tower to your liking, by placing buildings that alter your exploration and battle scenarios. The Gate of Challenges awaits the bravest commanders, unleashing the full destructive potential of the tower.

Unfold the origins

Every conquer attempt starts at Guardian's Quarters. Here you will meet the inhabitants willing to share the glimpse of their powers to support your cause. Show them your gratitude by upgrading and improving the base for your fellow Patrons.

Meet a set of fully voiced-over characters and look for the answers hidden in the origins of your allies. But keep your head down, even with a legendary chaos octopus jumping on your forehead!

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You can grab it on Steam here.

Check out the launch trailer, to see what to expect on your journey to save your daughter's soul:

What's available already?

  • Fully explorable 3 levels of the tower
  • Dozens of different enemies' groups
  • Engaging boss fights at the floor finish
  • All buildings available to unlock
  • All units available to recruit and upgrade
  • Full blessings' tree available
  • Fully-voiced over tutorial and first two story events
  • Emblems for your units
  • Starting perks
  • Ability to decorate headquarters

What's coming?
We are planning a mix of community-driven updates with features that we are already working on!

ToC roadmap steam small 7

If you wish to say hello, report a bug or meet other fellow conquerors, Discord is the best place to start:

This game is a result of work of a super small team working after hours for the last two years. We really appreciate all kinds of support! <3

Have fun!
Laughing Foxes

Tower of Chaos is coming on May 29th!

Tower of Chaos is coming on May 29th!


After 2 years of dedication, thousands of cups of coffee and energy drinks consumed, we are now ready to confirm the release date for Tower of Chaos...

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