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ALPHAFUNDING +FAILED+ | TEAM GOT DISPERSED In order to continue development, we have to put a new team together, and fund the game through alternative source of funding. That will take some time. This project has not been abandoned. Unless information comes from the official source, please disregard online rumors. Indie game dev is a very tough business and the year 2013 is even tougher due to many new indie studios funded by former AAA developers. Competition for human resources and funding is fierce. People who believed it the game and ordered alpha - huge thank you, you will never be forgotten and when the game is resurrected, we will make it up to you, somehow. Thank you for understanding.

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Some news on the modding and scripting in Tomes of Mephistopheles, for anyone who's interested.

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Note: The following article is quoted word by word from the Kot-in-action.com website. Visit the link to read the original.

I have noticed on forums and video comments quite a bit of demand for the ability to mod and script events in ToM. Personally this is something I would love to see in every game. During the development of Steel Storm I wrote an in-game editor so that everything besides the actual map file was designed in-game. This slowed down development time quite a bit, and was really unnecessary for development, but the final goal was to have an in-game tool that players could use to create just about anything they wanted within the game limits. Halfway though development, realizing the editor was slowing us down, we bit the bullet anyway and completed it, and it was in-game and working on release. I've also written an in-depth scripting system for NPCs in an old Quake mod I was working on called Feral. A screenshots can be seen here. The point of me telling you all of this is so that you know Kot-In-Action is very capable of adding such features.

Now on with the rest of the post.

Tomes of Mephistopheles is in a very early alpha stage. What you see is bare bones from what the final game will be. We are adding features as they are necessary in order to develop a playable, fun game quickly. There are tons of small things we want to implement, but we know there are more important things we need to do in order to make this game represent final game play, and actually be fun for players in it's early stages.

Having said that, I am in no way opposed to implementing such modding features as requested. Although, these features will come long after all the other core features are added, and only if there is very strong support from the community for such features. If I see that people have bought the game, and they like it, but would love to see modding features so they can run a very custom server or design an adventure, then I will be motivated to work on making this possible. Right now, if that is the major selling point for you, and you're going to wait for such features to be implemented, you'll be waiting a very long time, and without your monetary support then it could take even longer due to the simple fact that a day job will suck up all the time I could be spending on development.

We want to make this game as awesome as it can be, but we need your support. Please show us that you want this game to happen. We need major media support, and word of mouth all around. I really appreciate the comments I'm finding, and hope to find more, and hear more suggestions.

Thanks for your time,
~Lead Programmer, Clay "daemon" Cameron


I will have no problem helping you spread the word but a few things that would help that process along would be having a very solid alpha build ready for everyone (I haven't tryed the alphas yet cause I like to wait for beta) and trying to have a system where the latest build are open for legit buyers and u have older builds available for those interested and stragglers alike (With a clear message stating you are aware of how early the build is and that there are MANY elemnts along with polishing still to be done) just a suggestion my friends :)
PS: Game looks awesome thus far

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