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Equipped with a flamethrower, progress many levels as you explore lands, torch trees to the ground, surf on lily pads, and set your enemies ablaze. Collect gems, purchase upgrades, discover secrets and characters on your journey across the world of Toad On Fire.

An army of frogs is relentlessly teleporting down from space onto the planet's surface. Their motives are unclear, but something sinister is driving them to wreak havoc upon the population of toads that live nearby. Smokey, a fellow toad who has a taste for pyrotechnics, grabs his trusty flamethrower and heads out to destroy the teleporter beacons that allow the frogs access to different points on the planet's surface. As he continues on, he is faced with greater dangers that lead him to the source of the chaos, something that threatens the entire toad population.

One player. Gamepad supported.

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Progress Update, June 2018


Bug fixes! Bug fixes! Bug fixes!

In prep for releasing a new demo, I've been running through the game a lot, fixing what bugs that come up. There always seems to be something to fix. That's why I don't have a demo for this month; there was much more to fix than I expected. With this update, I'll just highlight a few things I've been working on, whilst in the midst of fixing bugs.

New theme

I've been working on another theme. This one has mushroom trees and mossy walls. I still need to adjust the palette so it's not the same green/blue feel as other themes.

User Posted Image

The Farm

At the very beginning of the game, you start on a farm. I added some flowers to give the look more variety and rows of corn stalks so it looks more like a farm.

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Finished a level

I completed one of the sky levels. Well, all levels are constantly being updated as I progress on the game. I guess I mean I have a path from the start to finish, and that it mostly feels complete. Near the end you need to fly through a gauntlet of mines and spiked balls.

User Posted Image

New! Purchase armor and suit up.

You can now buy armor from the shops for protection. I needed some more things for the player to spend money on, and this turned out to be a good investment of time. While worn, you only lose a half-heart instead of a whole-heart when hit. After enough hits, the armor will break and you'll lose it. You always have the option to purchase more armor afterwards.

User Posted Image

Ditched the palace/wizard levels

R.I.P palace levels. These were slower levels to give the player a break from all the action. Mostly it involved just going through a few rooms until you find the wizard, upon which the wizard give you a gift by casting a spell. Mainly it was just a way to level-up the player's max HP.

Why'd I get rid of it? As the game progressed, the pacing of these levels started to feel off, and they no longer felt needed since I added the shop levels (which also act as a break between the action).

The relationship between Smokey and the wizard kept getting more complex. There was a lot more to work on to get it feeling just right. I was about to add some more complexity and feature creep to it, but man, that would've been too much. I'm trying to finish a game, not keep this one going on forever. Sometimes, I think, you have to spend time finding what to remove as much as you spend time on adding things. It's a constant curation process. This was something that needed to be removed. It wasn't an easy decision, but I think it was the right one. Here's a few screenshots for keepsake.

User Posted Image

The palace entrance.

User Posted Image Earlier version of the wizard room, with him casting a spell to increase vitality.

User Posted Image Newer version of the wizard room.

That's all the updates for now. Fingers crossed for a demo in July.

Progress Update, May 2018

Progress Update, May 2018

News 4 comments

It's been far too long since my last update, but I have put a lot of work into the game since then. Some notable items include an additional boss, a new...

Core Gameplay and Power-Ups

Core Gameplay and Power-Ups

News 1 comment

Explosive weapon upgrades, fire shields, and more! I discuss some of the power-ups I've been working on lately.

Toad On Fire Greenlit!

Toad On Fire Greenlit!

News 2 comments

As Steam closes Greenlight, Toad On Fire makes the final cut of games to be greenlit.

Greenlight Campaign Rebooted

Greenlight Campaign Rebooted

News 2 comments

The old greenlight campaign is dead in the water. I decided the best strategy at this point was to restart the campaign with a better presentation.

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Toad On Fire, Alpha Demo v2, March 2016

Toad On Fire, Alpha Demo v2, March 2016


This demo covers the first two stages and only the first part of stage 3. For the final release, I hope to finish 5-7 stages.

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