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Those Days is a third person shooter survival horror game where players step into the foot of Grendall Redwick an interesting character with a personality and attitude, that can autonomously do some stuffs on his own. Although the game have no set objectives or main story, players can discovers can get to uncover the backstory of the game as they play, they can discover things, documents, tapes and many more. Grendall can also have flashbacks when he comes into contact with things relating to his past. Players can use vehicles, join other survivor factions, attend to Grendall needs, hunt, and survive different classes of Zombie-Like Creatures that can adapt and constantly evolve and also become more intelligent called VMPs (Vamparic Mad Persons), Survive natural disasters such as hurricanes and many more!

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......Many Survival games come and go, but we've never really had a true SURVIVAL GAME something really realistic that pushes the player to their yield point without breaking the fun, such is Those Days, you not only survive your basic needs such as hunger,thirst etc as a person, or hide/fight predators but you also survive hurricanes inspired by real life events.

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One of the key aspect of Those Days that we are currently working on is the hurricane aspect, right now we are running researches and studying the mechanics of hurricane and it's effect on the world and environment, it is a very daunting task but we are more determined than ever to an achieve ultra-realistic survival of not just the hurricanes but everything else we want to make every last minute decision critical, we want to see that every bit of details matter.

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As we are currently using the unreal engine 4 which is really a great game development tool, we should have no much problem making everything integrate and blending seamlessly in the game once the study phase is completed, we just need to implement the particle system with some codes and unreal blueprints to create the effects and integrate that with the world to allow for some reasonable and realistic level of destruction of the game environment along with npc actions and reactions triggered by the natural disaster.

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We are gonna make the world truly alive, because you're not just gonna be the only one hustling, and surviving this natural disaster but all other living things too and that include survivors, animals and smarter classes of Vamparic Mad Persons like Charles Darwin said "It is not the strongest that survive but the one that can adopt to change" , the game will allow some level of computer generated mutation and evolution of VMPs and adaptation for NPCs.

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You know it's very vital to study something really well in-order to implement it really well as Abraham Lincoln said "If you give me an axe and tell me to cut down a tree in 6 years, i'll spend the first 4 years sharping my axe"

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Please Support us lets make Those Days a reality....thank you for giving us a listening ear.....Together let's create something truly astonishing and outstanding, tell us what you think and how we can make Those Days great we are indeed open to suggestions.

Visit our website for more information at www.nixalonstudios.wixsite.com/nixalon

and for more videos see our youtube page Youtube.com

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