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Those Days is a third person shooter survival horror game where players step into the foot of Grendall Redwick an interesting character with a personality and attitude, that can autonomously do some stuffs on his own. Although the game have no set objectives or main story, players can discovers can get to uncover the backstory of the game as they play, they can discover things, documents, tapes and many more. Grendall can also have flashbacks when he comes into contact with things relating to his past. Players can use vehicles, join other survivor factions, attend to Grendall needs, hunt, and survive different classes of Zombie-Like Creatures that can adapt and constantly evolve and also become more intelligent called VMPs (Vamparic Mad Persons), Survive natural disasters such as hurricanes and many more!

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Hello guy please tell us what you think about our new game THOSE DAYS? NixalonStudios NixalonStudios - read

Nov 17 2017


THOSE DAYS By Nixalon Studios