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You're all alone in the jungle on a dark stretch of river. With your small boat you should be able to make it out alive... although you can't shake the feeling that you aren't alone.

They That Feast is a horror focused game where you are being stalked by things that defy human explanation. Avoidance is your best asset. While you will discover an artifact that gives you some ability to see your pursuers, it comes at the cost of draining your sanity when you use it. Therefore you must weigh your need to see your enemies while maintaining your mental health.

  • Investigate isolated villages, and try to make sense of the horrors that have befallen them.
  • Your boat is your biggest safety net, don't lose sight of it!
  • Be prepared to run at any moment, the feast has already begun.
  • Track down your colleague Lorenzo, he may not have much time.
  • Watch your boat's gas tank closely, and keep an eye out for refill canisters.
  • The Old Ones are lurking everywhere, don't let them corner you!
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Upcoming Release


This is They That Feast - I would describe it as a horror game with Lovecraftian themes. You're lost on a river in the jungles of South America with only a small boat and your wits. Your main goal is simply to find a way out, although very quickly you find that nothing is right about this place.


There are enemies seemingly everywhere, but your natural senses may not help you. Though there are ways to augment your perception, if you abuse it your mind will quickly be lost to the Old Ones.

The game is coming out very soon, so keep an eye out for it!

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They That Feast 1.4

They That Feast 1.4


1.4 Update, fixes most known bugs and reported issues

They That Feast 1.1 Update

They That Feast 1.1 Update

Full Version

This is v.1.1 Update, includes a couple bug fixes.

They That Feast

They That Feast

Full Version

They That Feast full release. 3D/action/horror game

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