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Last week we put out a big update that includes new rotation options, MORE optimization, and new blocks! So if you haven’t checked it out yet, nows your chance!

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Hello Viking Saboteurs!

Last week we put out a big update that includes new rotation options, MORE optimization, and new blocks! So if you haven’t checked it out yet, nows your chance! Our next large update is a very ambitious one and will take us until near the end of september (we think!) to implement. It involves a lot of new content for you to destroy your way through and we’re extremely excited about it! If you want to know more about it, then just track our progress and read the details in the changelogs on these weekly posts :)

Currently our “Run the Gauntlet” challenge is ongoing, and we have quite a few really great and creative entries! Our current first place run is held by Hemlis! Here’s his very creative run:

ChangeLog Tasks wot have been done this week are:

  • Added Option: Reset Battle Seas so you can replay it all again
  • Captain Cabin Blocks - windows
  • Updated to latest unity & updated relevant plugins
  • Added new flail chain block which players can attach stuff too
  • Implement Spiky roller of doom...
  • Localisation - Add "description" column to languages sheet, avoid importing on CSV load.
  • Add "Restart required" message to language select dropdown in options.
  • Localisation - extract all text into excel file for localisation
  • Bug-Fix: Fixed a problem where trying to place a block on a ship could sometimes cause an Epileptic Fit Inducing strobe light show. Trying to click the block would them sometimes cause an assert.
  • Spiked Roller: Stubbed out some audio effects. These are all logically in place and currently use existing sounds (e.g. flamethrower stuff for ramping up,loop,down, etc).
    Harpoon: Stubbed out some audio effects here, too. Again, re-using existing stuff for the time being.
  • Bug-Fix: The 9 key could actually turn on a spiked roller for AI ships so I've stopped that.
  • The Flail chain links have been made even more stable. They're less likely to break now as you drag something in your wake whilst turning sharply.
  • Harpoon block - make work betterer. This now works betterer
  • Wrecking Balls - add 3 for flail like coolness when attached to new chain!
  • added a 'Spawn Ship' button to sandbox mode - spawns a random ship based on the class the player is currently in
  • AI - implement speed manager & Pathfinding round islands
  • Dorenmor - new environment - lighting setup and optimisation

Here’s a sneak peek at our new epic environment coming in the next update:

To round off, here’s this week’s featured ships:

First off, we have The Barbarian, by xInf3rn0. It’s a great looking, traditional-style ship:

Next we have The Speedboat, made by Lazorious! This thing is quite fast and takes advantage of the NEW rounded blocks:

Lastly, we have Chaos by Chaosritter. This ship may not have all the looks, but this thing is TOUGH in battle:

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