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The Wizard is back, and it's better than ever! Enjoy this new and improved edition of the beloved turn-based dungeon puzzler, with its unique spell casting system, expanded levels and story, and the features people have long been asking for!

Step into the robe Kevin, the exceptionally handsome but woefully inattentive wizardry student, whose gorgeous face has just been stolen. Follow the thief through the dangerous dungeons beneath the academy, encounter mythical monsters, and learn powerful magic along the way! You'll find many an opportunity to hone and upgrade your abilities to your individual play style, but be wary! Without a well-considered plan of action, this goofy little apprentice won't make it very far...

With a heavy emphasis on strategy, The Wizard challenges its players to plan their moves carefully, upgrade their spells strategically, and use the environment to their advantage to make it through its mazes unscathed. Can you master the arcane arts and get back your valued visage?


  • Brain-teasing, turn-based dungeon crawl
  • Unique gesture-based spell casting
  • New levels, spells and enemies
  • New Roguelike Mode with daily challenges
  • A Mario Maker-style level editor to create and share levels
  • Complete graphical and mechanical overhaul (including checkpoints!)
  • A remastered and expanded version of its magical soundtrack

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Here is a current work-in-progress look at our efforts to find the right look for our turn-based dungeon puzzler.

Wizharder look 2

With the upgrade to Unity 2019.4 came the new Universal Rendering Pipeline, shader graph and 2D lights. That's a lot of new toys to play around with! In addition to normal maps and emission maps, I've added bloom for a neat little glow effect and a lens distortion. Color adjustments and curves still allude me and unfortunately the experimental 2D shadows don't work with tilemap colliders out of the box.

Wizharder with alpha blending

Still I think we're making good progress towards a distinct and interesting look! We're currently having a bit of a debate whether it's still too dark for the lighthearted, quirky game we are making. What do you guys think?

Wizharder without alpha blending

Also, let me know if anyone is interested in a tutorial!


ha-ha, looks fun!

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