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The Way of Blood (WoB) is a community driven dark vampire single / multiplayer online role-playing game (MORPG) set in the end of the 19th century and developed by a handful of hobbyists. Based on Bram Stokers novel “Dracula”, the Way of Blood tells the story and conflict between humans organized by Van Helsing and vampires controlled by Vlad Tepes also known as the famous Count Dracula. The Way of Blood is inspired by Francis Ford Coppolas movie “Bram Stokers Dracula” released in 1992 and series like "Penny Dreadful".

Introducing the unique “Community Driven Development” feature (CDD) everyone can participate in creating and developing the game. Join the upcoming community or contact us through this site, if you are interested in contributing or joining the team. Everybody is welcome! (Non-Paid)


The Way of Blood will offer you lots of unique gameplay elements which you never saw in known MORPGs before. Here is a little list of some of the most important features, which the game will offer to you.

A beautiful dark world with real time weather effects and seasons

You will find nice crafted worlds and environments with photo scanned textures and dynamic real time Weather Effects. A dynamic world which changes during different weather seasons like Winter or Summer is just one feature. The Goal of the Game is not giving you Witcher 3 detailed and supreme graphics but really trying to offer you as much beautiful and detailed graphics for a non AAA Title made by indie Developers.

Face the world alone or together with other players

The Way of Blood is different from typical MORPGs out there. The Gameworld consist of Playerbases where all player of the Online Servers come together. While London is the Playerbase of Humans, Transylvania / Castle Dracula is the Playerbase of the Vampires. In this places players take quests, sell and buy stuff and simple chat with other players of the same Race. If you decide to leave the Playerbases for questing, killing or exploring, you can decide if you find yourself alone in the world or join / create a Group with your friends to face the world. This gameplay decision makes the Game perfectly modular because starting from the Playerbases the content can be added easily by the Team and the Community. So with every Content Update you will find more Maps and Terrains around your Playerbase until at the end both Playerbases are connected together by different Terrains.

Action based RPG Combat

The Way of Blood will offer you a unique action based combat System. It will have a spell casting system that you should know from other MORPGs, but will be more actions based than typical “cast, cooldown wait, cast” combat systems. More information will come soon.

An unique “Leveling” System

The Way of Blood will offer you a whole new “Level System” which you never saw before. It will not base on typical Leveling System known from other MORPGs. More information will come soon.

Different Play-Styles for both Races

As you know from films and books, Vampires are different from humans. They are faster and sometimes stronger but have also some disadvantages to humans. In the Way of Blood both races will be played completely different. For example ask you following question: What happens to Vampires in the direct sun? You will see that later in the game

PVE at its best. Procedural Dungeons / Raids and random mechanics

The Way of Blood will focus on PVE content. This means that PVP will certainly come in the future but PVE plays a bigger role for the gameplay.
With procedural generated dungeons and Raids your next visits should never get boring. You can expect the same from our Boss AI’s. Every Boss Encounter can and certainly will be different because of random elements. Tired of typical dungeon or Raid bosses that do the same Events / Spells at 75%, 50% and 25% of health? Bosses in the Way of Blood will have random events that can be triggered so every Encounter will be different. We will post more information about the PVE and AI System once it’s in the game.

Community Driven Development (CDD)

Every Concept Artist, Unity5 Developer, Designer or Hobbyist can participate in creating and developing the world of The Way of Blood. The team will always make the list of bought Unity5 assets used in the game public so you can create worlds, dungeons, enemies and mechanics by yourself using these assets or create own content and send this content to us.
Create Concept Art, 3D environments, Models, new Characters, Creatures, Scripts, Quests, Dialogs or simply contribute with Game / Story Ideas. Everybody can be part of the world of the Way of Blood. If the community and team approve your content through the forums it will be added to the game and you as the creator will find yourself in the Credits of the game. Do you have free time, love the Game idea and have a good talent for creating Game Content? What are you waiting for? Start contributing your Content to make the Way of Blood your game!

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Hello everyone,
Our Homepage is online!
It took us some time to bring this homepage online, but well finally it’s here. The main idea of the Site is to give you all necessary information about our Game-Idea and vision. For that we have created a big FaQ Section, where you can find answers to the most important and actual questions around the game.
The “Contribute” Page will also give you all necessary information about our unique Community Driven Development (CDD) Feature. Everyone who wants to join the team or help out in creating the game should take a closer look to the FaQ and Contribute Pages.

Please be aware, that this is not the final site release and you can find some bugs or errors. Also lot of pages and images are not final and we will optimize the homepage often in the future. Be also aware that the registration is currently disabled. This means, that you can’t register for the forums / community. We will open the Registration in one week to be able to create the most important threads in the forums. If you want to contact us because of contributing or joining the team just send an E-Mail to “ronny ‘at’ wayofblood.com”.

So what are our next plans? Right now I am working on creating a little small Demo Scene using some Unity5 Assets, which should show you what atmosphere we are trying to achieve. The demo itself will not have any Quests, Combat System or Gamemplay features. It will more or less show you our Weather-System and how it fits together with a dark atmospheric small terrain. It will be also fully compatible with the latest Unity 5.4 version. The next step would be to fit this demo scene with life, meaning with some (Test)Creatures, Quests / Dialog and working GUI Elements. For our Roadmap we also created a site for you which give you all information about our development plans.
So that’s it for the first news.

We are really happy to start our journey in game development together with you and we hope you like the site.



I beg you, don't kill your project D:

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RonnyDance Creator

Hey Kifru, the project will not die. Besides Real-Life I had a lot to do since the project became more or less an one man project. The new Community Homepage will be online this month hopefully. And with a little bit of luck also a new demo :)

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If my computer can handle this i'll level atleast 2 chars to max level... Now just a question: Since the vampire's homeworld and the humans homeworld aren't the same will we be able to make human/vampire teams (Yeh, trevor belmont + alucard team mode) ?

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RonnyDance Creator

Hi Kiru,
it's nice to hear, that you like the gameidea.
To your question: As for now we did not plan to "mix" teams. It's pretty hard for us to thing about humans and vampires having fun together. This is not Twilight you know ;)
Meaning with thought of groups / raids which can only contain players from the same race (humans or vampires).
But no game decision is fixed. That's the main idea of the game that we create it together with the community through ideas from the community members.
The site and boards will be online pretty soon and you will be able to post your ideas about different gameplay features, how they fit in the gameworld and how you would release them.


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Seeing the world Twilight was a critical hit, thief fainted...
Well i just feel a need to talk (:P)

The thing is, not all humans can be a good, ''let's pray the lord and kill witches/vampires''even some historical leaders would have fun with vampires... yup... i can totally see Ivan IV having fun with a vampire torturing humans and vampires alike... now talking about vampires... well if we stick to ''demonic creatures of hell that worship satan'' yeh i don't think they'll co-op with witch hunters and stuff but if the vamps are kinda like vlad version... well vlad was crazy and evil yeah but that's only cuz his freakin father gave him as a slave to make him ''stronger'' A.K.A:Crazy as **** drinking the blood of their enemies... with his generals... some vampire not crazy AF would co-op with any human But even if the human and vampire hate each other they might have a common goal, Now with the rant: If there's a raid to kill a kraken that's killing humans and vampires i can see them both trying to kill it but if it's a raid kinda like a legendary vampire (like nosferatu) only humans would attack it or a legendary hero like siegfried only vampires would attack. But i think raids are most likely to be giant mindless monsters of destruction so i think humans and vamps would co-op.
Now a example of a giant mindless monster:Dragons, medieval european dragons, the religion puts them as incarnation of the devil but they are just mindless monsters eating and burning things they see for no reason, they're animals...
I like to talk...
Don't kill it and take it slow if you need it (ESF has been more than 10 years in developing FCOL)

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RonnyDance Creator

Totally right.
I think a big bad boss or dangerous event would be a good scenario where humans and vampires need to work together. Of course they also could be some vampires who do not hate humans or take them for food, and do not have any problem in working together with them. This would be a a little sandbox element in my opinion. To decide how you live as a vampire (same for human). I have to admit that I did not think about this idea / collaboration. In the future we should really look into possible solutions and ways.
I like your ideas. It seems that you are really thinking about the gameworld and scenario and this is exactly why we focus on the community.
And no, you are not talking to much ;) It's really important to hear ideas from the community and other minds also :)

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