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The project is still alive.

New update after a looong time!

The player character has been improved, with a new hair and new shaders for the skin and the hair.


Different lighting:


The hair material uses a modified simplified version of the Content Examples one, for a more dinamic look:


(4mb limit for gifs PepeHands)

The skin material is just basic, with subsurface profile added:


The subsurface setting really pays off in high contrast lighting conditions.


Meanwhile I've been working on the animation blueprint/movement system. Initially I was only making the animations but the programmers were taking too long so I decided to do it myself:

Don't forget to turn up the quality or else it will be blurry:

It's more or less the complete player movement functionality, with actions like jumping, sneaking, combat stance, rolling, transitioning etc.

There are 3 main stances, Normal, Combat and Sneaking. The player moves differently in each and you can transition from one another while stationary or moving as well.

The combat stance has a rolling mechanic, you can roll in every direction and can change direction while rolling. Additionally, the camera becomes third person while rolling. This is a feature I want to explore further in the future ( possible special attacks that will transition into third person and back).

I've been focusing a lot on having everything clean and working smoothly. The character speed is consistent depending on what direction you move, the transitions and the actions are unbreakable (so far). If only there was a capable programmer that could help the code become cleaner as well.

For the anim blueprint I have a separate state machine for the Legs animations, so that the torso animations are independent and in the future you can attack while moving in any direction or being stationary or in any stance.

Initially I started with one state machine for the whole thing:


But it got too clogged, so after some reworks eventually I ended up with having 3 separate nested state machines for the 3 stances, with transition anim nodes in between them (current setup suggested by a programmer):


The Sneak, Normal and KM nodes have state machines nested in them. So far it works flawlessly.

That's it for the first update in a year, currently prepping up for another programmer search.

(so if you are/know a capable programmer with UE4 experience and dig this, hit me up)

There are some other features in the works, coming soon, regardless.

The Wanderer - New Dark Artefact & Dynamic Materials

The Wanderer - New Dark Artefact & Dynamic Materials


New items and material effects. A dark artefact called Th'Ernadrul Relic that slows your foes with each attack that they inflict on you. Moving texture...

The Wanderer - Transition to UE4

The Wanderer - Transition to UE4


This article showcases the transition to UE4, and how the environment of the first area of The Wanderer, called The Abandoned Mines looks like in Unreal...

The Wanderer -  Introduction

The Wanderer - Introduction

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An introduction to our current project: The Wanderer: Bloodthirst , a First Person RPG with Puzzle and Horror Elements.

ulrasor - - 226 comments

I'm really looking forward to this. What I'm seeing sounds great

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Hermittt Creator
Hermittt - - 34 comments

Thank you! Still looking for programmers, so that the artwork turns into an actual game. :)

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ANTEROPLAY - - 9 comments

Interesting game. Will there be a demo version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hermittt Creator
Hermittt - - 34 comments

Thanks! Yes. We're working on a demo that has one of the 4 playable areas, along with the beginning of this chapter's story with some quests, and the inventory and combat systems. We're working on the first build currently.

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Guest - - 696,069 comments

Where can I find the demo?

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Hermittt Creator
Hermittt - - 34 comments

On this page under files it will be the first build. A lot of things happened lately , one of the programmers quit so i had to take care of the animation system/blueprinting part as well... so that takes additional time, but we're working on the first build, we already have some working gameplay parts, right now we're figuring out the animation system, doing my best here but it's not up to just me i will let you know when we have the build.

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ANTEROPLAY - - 9 comments

Good, waiting demo first build

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