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note: after the release of the free demo, the complete game will be released for free download. the release date of the complete game is: December, 25th 2010 ! for Xmas! just the time for me to produce the media & stuff & game content & videos + cutscenes... there will be a lot of levels and a long lifetime for this game ! about the game: -an FPS, shoot'em all, with big nice explosions, along with a new lighting technology that produce realtime lights & shadows, very realistic (made in Dark Bsic Pro U7.4) (explosions: media & function found in an older Newsletter) -simple controls: mouse (click) + arrowkeys + spacebar to pause -a very good AI (DarkAI AI, with several improvements) -story: you are a sharpshooter, sent to investigate space stations... ( a more complex story is planned, with a set of cut-scenes and videos to tell the story) -Design: colored an simple for the moment, but will be more sci-

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This week-end and the next week, I'll update the core program of 'The sharpshooter 3D. You know that making a video game can be hard when you're alone and when you have to do everything yourself.
So I'm doing only what it's possible to do for one man:
-I will improve the lighting system so that outdoor and indoor scenes will be both feasible.
-I will start to actually produce content (game levels, 3D object, sounds, textures, cut-scenes, videos...) ; and be more productive than ever!

The things I've tried recently:
-I've tried to add multiplayer functionality to the game but it didn't worked: the main problem was the 'shoot' function...

So I'll let you know when the demo will be ready for download...

lassana - - 1 comments

So it's now on Steam right?

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LiquidusWolf - - 131 comments

The games look really nice, and for christmas it will be a great gift.


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