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Almost all commercial games are pretty boring and cheap, it's the turn to Indie to dominate!!!!!!!

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This is LiquidusWolf here.

If you remember in first Post I told I lived in the city where they mading DX3. And I've got some really nice news.

Since a moment I notice that an employer wearing a "Eidos" Bag Living close to my basement flat. Yesterday in the groceries store I met this guy. Due to the "Eidos" Rules of "silence" he didn't said to me everything that was programed in the game to this day. Although He gives me the only news he can.

I won't take my time on the story : I think it would be better off to wait until the game is released but if you don't know about it 3 of the 5 cities are confirmed : Détroit, Shangai and Montréal. As for the gameplay, there is supposed to be a "Third Person option" but they aren't sure. Augmentations are now divised to 4 specifics kind of use : Combat, Stealth, Technology (?) and Social (Social.......I Had a bad feeling about this....). AI will be upgrade to a nice option : enemies can be reuniting other enemies and then forming a squad with a clear leader......no need to say what will happens if you take him down first........... Something is getting me a little bit shocked : Health will be permenently regenerated!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY????????? Just get back the old DX1 System and all will be just perfect....Or is it Warren Spector's copyrighted?????????

For the weapons they get back the DX1 ammo's System but the upgrading is raise to four upgrade per weapon. Also there will be unique upgrades to each weapons.

I Have others details but My instinct ask me to let you wait to suffer the announce of releasing the sequel of one of the best game ever made

All Hail Deus Ex



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hotozi - - 40 comments

THANKS for watching my game!!

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SergiNicolas - - 12 comments

Thanks for tracking Spacefields! Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts! **Free chocolate cookie attached.

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Surrealness - - 182 comments

Hey there! Thank you for the comment! I love cyberpunk settings and machines and it's great you saw that! :) I wanted to thank you for tracking Surreal System. It means alot to us and we appreciate your interest. :)

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onionman - - 621 comments

LiquidusWolf! I just wanted to say thank you for the kind review. That was very nice :)

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LiquidusWolf Creator
LiquidusWolf - - 131 comments

No Problem Mate! Hope your games will always kick *****!

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AtmosphereGames - - 6 comments

Thank you for following our game, It really helps make all of us here happy that others enjoy our work =)

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senluc - - 779 comments

go here for see news and update Itnarutoshadow.blogspot.com

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HavocInferno - - 66 comments

You are tracking Roccy Laboratories.
Do you want to be a beta tester? Read Roccy Labs latest news for further information.

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TheK - - 71 comments

Thank you for tracking Canalyst! :-)

Best wishes,
Sector49 Studios Team

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EmotionalRobot - - 427 comments

Thanks for the comment man, we really appreciate it.


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LiquidusWolf Creator
LiquidusWolf - - 131 comments

You're welcome

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