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We welcome all from far and wide to our most frustrating creation yet! THE PUZZLE! In this game I guarantee that you will die multiple times and get stuck at multiple parts as the puzzles shall get harder and harder. You will have to pay close attention to clues left in each area to determine the best path through each area. I challenge you to complete the whole puzzle and find the surprise at the end!

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In all honesty I have a bit of a list of why you should try this game when it is released.

- It will be very difficult

- Puzzles!

- Makes you think

- Will make you wonder what your doing with your life

- A great way to pass the time!

- you will die a bunch!

- After floor 5 all levels will change to reduce repetition

- You can brag to others about how far you've made it

- we need more hard games that don't provide a "easy" mode

- 1 life

- If you like those old 2D graphics

- Plenty of levels to rage about

- not a virus

- Doesn't require a super computer to play

- The music!

- small jokes

- Can't rush the game


- Made by a friendly guy

- I'm asking you nicely :)

The Beginning of a party

The Beginning of a party


Welcome to the beginning of a death fest! we hope you rage many times while with us!

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