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The Little Brave is a 2D action-adventure metroidvania genre video game about a little hero by the name of Keely who decided to undertake a dangerous journey. This is an exciting adventure in which Keely will reveal the secrets of ancient legends, gain the bravery and strength on the path.

Keely lives in a world in which a long time ago there was magic. But one day a terrible curse distorted the magical places. Keely dreams to undertake an adventure to discover the mystery of forbidden lands. Once fate gives him such a chance...

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A new Artworks and Bosses


It has been a while since my last article about the results of The Little Brave at Steam Next Fest. I have made significant progress during this time and I would like to share with you some news about it. In this article I would like to tell you more about the bosses, reveal some of their features and present key artworks that I made to make the narrative even more engaging and exciting.


«In the distant past, there was magic in the world and brave wardens who have taken the oath to protect the places where the magic power was concentrated.»

The little Keely undertakes a dangerous journey in which he will reveal the secret of the curse and gain the last pieces of the gone magic. To do this, he must defeat three mighty wardens from the old tale.

GameView1302 Moment

So here we go!


Agvid Chapter

The incarnation of the first warden Agvid. His spirit protects one of the last pieces of gone magic «The Heart of Fire». This artifact releases a stream of fire burning everything in its path. The Warden Agvid is dangerous in attack. He uses a flaming sword and can do the devastating strikes. The player will need to be agile and fast to dodge deadly attacks.

Agvid Gameplay Moment cmpr


Grai Chapter

The incarnation of the first warden Grai. His spirit protects a piece of magic calls «The Veil of Force». This artifact protects against any damage and allows you to stun your enemies for a short time. The Warden Grai is strong in defense. He can summon an invincible shield and is adept at wielding a spear.

Grai Gameplay Moment


Viva Chapter

The incarnation of first warden Viva. Her spirit owns «The Shard of Soul». This magic can summon a realm shift that temporarily slows down everything around. Viva is dangerous in a counterattack. She uses a bow and explosive arrows that cause massive damage.

Viva Gameplay Moment


The Wardens are powerful, each with their own style and unique characteristics. After the player will defeat, he can get the warden's artifact and use it in further battles.

Having collected all the artifacts, Keely will be able to slay the beast that captured and carried away his younger sister, Weyka, to the forbidden lands. Fighting the beast is the ultimate challenge for The Little Brave!

Be brave with Keely, stay tuned for updates, and add The Little Brave to your wishlist.

Results of the Steam Next Fest

Results of the Steam Next Fest


I would like to share with you my results of participation in Steam Next Fest. Also, I am happy to say that you already can play 'The Little Brave' Demo.

Demo and Steam page

Demo and Steam page


Today I would like to tell you about my preparation for the release of the demo version. Also, I am happy to say that you can add 'The Little Brave' to...




This time I would like to tell you how my self PR campaign is progressing.




I would like to tell you about how I am started working on 'The Little Brave'.


Look gorgeous!

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