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The Iron Oath is coming to Kickstarter on August 9th of 2017. You can help support us now by signing up for our Thunderclap campaign


The Iron Oath is a turn based tactical RPG set in a dark fantasy world. Recruit and manage a roster of adventurers across decades and centuries, and send them on missions where they must confront their mortality. Every decision made carries weight and can have a minor or major influence on the world around you. As you and your guild progress, the world changes dynamically, opening up new paths to follow and resulting in a unique experience for every playthrough.

Feature List:

  • A large and dynamic overworld to traverse: 9 regions with over 50 towns and cities to visit. Cities can be overtaken, destroyed and rebuilt, and various factions can emerge, rise and fall. A playthrough can potentially last hundreds of years, resulting in many changes to the initial world state.
  • In-depth roster management: Characters will age and die frequently in combat and you will be required to recruit new members and keep them satisfied. Your guilds reputation in the world will shift depending on your actions, presenting the opportunity to create both allies and enemies.
  • Variety of Classes: Each class has their strengths and weaknesses which you will need to take into account when assembling your party. We will be launching with at least 12 different classes, allowing for many different options when it comes to tactics.
  • Hand crafted and dynamic missions to complete: Many missions will be generated dynamically based on the state of the world, but there will also be unique hand crafted questlines for you to play through, including the main storyline.
  • Numerous environments to explore: Missions will occur in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments filled with a variety of enemies, secrets, traps and long forgotten artifacts.
  • Tactical turn based combat: Combat occurs on a hex grid and you must figure out how best to navigate each enemy encounter. Proper party composition and resource management(from both items and abilities) is vital.
  • Unique character development: Every recruitable character has their own personal backstory that shapes their motives, personality and traits.
  • Dynamic dialogue: Characters have minds of their own and will have a variety of things to say during a mission, from simple conversation with one another to bringing up a past experience that may be relevant to the task at hand.
  • Decisions matter: Choices bear consequences in many forms. Choosing to assault a trade cart on your journey could result in a powerful faction sending assassins after you.
  • A fleshed out world backstory to uncover: NPC's are not fountains of knowledge. Many secrets remain in the world and you will need to discover things on your own through context and other avenues.
  • Dark orchestral soundtrack by Alex Roe: Alex is well known for his Dark Souls remixes and we're thrilled to have him in charge of our soundtrack.

Current Status & Future

The Iron Oath is coming to Kickstarter on August 9th of 2017. If successful, the game will likely be released in 2018 or early 2019. You can help support us now by signing up for our Thunderclap campaign. In addition, you can signup for our newsletter through our website

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Hey everyone! We've got about 1.5 weeks to go in our Kickstarter campaign, and we're nearly 90% funded. If you're interested in dark tactical RPGs, we would appreciate you checking it out!

Today I would like to share my workflow for animating every character in the game. It's not super in-depth, but I hope it will still be helpful to some of you who are interested in pixel art or animation.


Rough Sketch: The first part of my workflow is to just do a really rough sketch of the animation that I have in mind. I begin first by doing 3 key-frames for the starting position, anticipation and follow-through. Once I have the key-frames sketched out I then duplicate the layers, make small changes to each and I end up with a very rough version containing some in-between frames. If I'm happy with how everything looks I then move on to refining the shape of the key-frames.


Key-frame Shape: This is probably the most important step. If your silhouette doesn't read well the whole animation is going to suffer. I like to take my time here and really make sure I get the shape of each body part correct. If I'm struggling with something, I find it helpful to stand in front of a mirror and recreate the pose that I'm going for. For this animation, I actually ended up recording a video of myself that I referenced on occasion.


Detail: Once the shape is refined, the detail step is a lot easier to handle, though it still takes the longest amount of time! I begin by first separating out each body part onto its own layer, and doing the same for each piece of gear that I add. The gear is done in the same fashion as the Shape step, I start with a color that stands out for each piece and make sure the silhouette reads well before I actually begin to detail onto it. Using references here is again helpful for making sure the detail on the muscles is more or less correct.


In-Between Frames: Adding in-between frames really smooths out the animation and adds a lot of life to it. It's something that I was always afraid of doing because it seemed like it would take a lot of time, but in actuality it only took about 2 hours for the above example(the entire process took 12h). For this step, I do my best to recreate the in-betweens that I roughed out in the sketch step. You don't need to have a ton of frames here to trick your mind into seeing a fluid motion. The mantra to follow is "ease in, ease out" which basically means you want to add frames that are easing in, and then easing out of your 3 keyframes. Some of the in-betweens might end up looking a little silly on their own, but as long as it looks good in motion it doesn't really matter!

I also put together another workflow image of a Necromancer boss I animated a couple months ago. Fortunately I still had some of the older files laying around and was able to present it this way! :)


I also have two full timelapses for those who would like to see the process in more detail:

Thanks for reading! I hope some of you found it helpful and I would of course be happy to answer any questions you may have about pixel art or The Iron Oath. Be sure to check us out on Kickstarter!

The Iron Oath is now live on Kickstarter!

The Iron Oath is now live on Kickstarter!

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Help support our Turn-based Tactical RPG by backing us on Kickstarter!

Newly Implemented Environments

Newly Implemented Environments

News 5 comments

Kickstarter countdown and a collection of images featuring newly implemented props and environments for our tactical RPG The Iron Oath.

New environment artwork

New environment artwork

News 5 comments

A quick look at some of the new environments for our tactical RPG the Iron Oath.

Development update & Kickstarter

Development update & Kickstarter

News 5 comments

New screenshots, gifs, gameplay video and upcoming Kickstarter info for our tactical RPG The Iron Oath.

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