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You will delve into the grim mind of serial killer Anthony, who resides in an abandoned house in the woods. As a conscience, you have the opportunity to follow everything the main character does and goes through. You get a glimpse into his hidden memories that put him on this wicked path. However, you don't have the ability to manipulate him because there is an even more mysterious entity with you that is the main instigator, controlling behavior, lusts, and the desire to hurt.

You are exposed to many interpretations of his worldview, both external and internal, his struggle with himself, and it is up to you to help him. If you manage to weaken his inner will enough, you may end his story much sooner than you think. Or you can walk all the way to the end, learning the whole story through his memories, but at a terrible cost. You are in for a surreal journey through the subconscious, the inner demons and the bitter realities of the world.

It is important to note that this is still a beta demo. Everything will be in the interest of adjustments and improvements!

  • Player as spectator - spectator as player. The main character is primarily controlled by a mysterious entity and thus determines the development of the game's story. Conscience is strongly suppressed and it is up to you to return it to its original state by your actions through various game interaction, puzzles, searching for the answers and memories in this surreal world.
  • Decision. You have the option to decide right or wrong, and thus the serial killer will not be haunted by feelings of lust. However, if you don't help him, the game will become more challenging and thus the battle with your own soul.

  • The question of death. If you manage to help the serial killer, his soul will be so weakened that you can commit suicide and end his story. But you lose the rest of the game's content, even though this is one of the game endings.
  • Being awake and subconscious visual style. The orientation is conditioned by the character's actions under the interaction of pointing and clicking, thus it is also possible to click on various objects and other game elements, exploring the closed world and its dark corners.

The game features various explicit scenes of murder and torture in pixel art form throughout the game. Towards the end of the game, the player encounters the naked body of a dismembered woman.

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1.02 Mental Update


nadpis black

Hello! I'm bringing you a big new update that makes adjustments throughout the game based on feedback and self-testing, including critical fixes in the last part of the game and a lightened difficulty. I'm also bringing new Steam achievements, secret cheats waiting to be discovered, new house interactions, and lots of other little life quality changes.

Main Madness

  • "Last Checkpoint" has undergone a thorough review and check. In a couple of cases, it was not possible to properly return to previous parts of the game. Fixed.
  • Clickteam Fusion probably has a problem with the Steamworks object cooperation, which sometimes fails to save the necessary data for the game progress. Beta fixed.
  • When a player is obsessed with the inner voice in an endless loop, sometimes after a long time it becomes impossible to leave it at all. Fixed.
  • The player's inner voice in an endless loop is longer and more variable. With new takes, breaks etc.
    Added new interaction to different parts of the house. Will be adding more in future updates.
  • The key to the chest in the attic will not disappear when unlocked. Fixed.
  • At the end of the second act, if the player abruptly quits the game, the game will save incorrectly and lose tens of minutes. Fixed.
  • Movement transition between Act 1 and Act 2 in Subconscious Cities is 25% faster. With transitions turned off in game settings, up to 50%.
  • End of Act 3 - Persecution. Background is brighter and transitions between movements faster.
  • The shotgun sequence in Act 4 is much easier for Gamepad and Regular Difficulty.
  • The bloodlust effect is reduced in Act 4 (the effect of the Whisperer's influence). It was activated, though there was no reason for it. Fixed.
  • The entire bossfight is easier in certain parameters for Regular Difficulty. If the player was groping, now there is no need!
  • Act 5 - Bossfight Phase 2, right click on the mouse button and the player is taken to the Gameplay Showreel. Fixed. Stupid bug.
  • Unlikely bug after bossfight appears in game data. The player can reach the end of the game without it being the right way to do so. Fixed.
  • Towards the end of the game, a "Steamworks object" warning could appear, which was annoying. Fixed.
  • For the final cutscene of the game, the movement/black screen could stutter and there was nothing to do but turn the game off. Fixed.

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Menu, Other

  • Screen shakes for a dramatic experience are less intense in the game. Well getting a seizure while playing is not a good gaming experience I suppose.
  • Added a new option to the menu - Transitions OFF/ON. Ability to have no transitions into and out of darkness in the main game area, and in the Subconscious.
  • Added 7 new Steam achievements, related to fighting with yourself in the last chapter of the game.
  • Game Difficulty option - individual difficulty levels are slightly overwritten.
  • The text in Gore mode is somewhere more clear.
  • The information skull in the menu also contains a tooltip for Level Select in the game settings.
    New secret cheats added to Extras.

Thank you very much for all the insights! With each update, the game becomes the masterpiece I wanted to present at release. If you find any bugs or have any comments or anything, feel free to contact me here in the discussions or other social platforms. Since then, ahoj!

New 1.011 Update. Vote for serial killer surreal madness on the Indie of The Year Top 100!

New 1.011 Update. Vote for serial killer surreal madness on the Indie of The Year Top 100!


IndieDB is hosting its annual Indie of The Year Awards, and The Gray Man reached the Top 100 in the first round of voting. Now, let’s try the Top 10...

The Gray Man, 1.01 Fixfest Update

The Gray Man, 1.01 Fixfest Update


Do you want to become the conscience of a serial killer? Yes? Well... This particular update addresses various issues, bugs and glitches of the whole...

Surreal Madness Released

Surreal Madness Released


Release Day. Become the conscience of a serial killer, and save the last shreds of humanity the main character still has.

7 DAYS AND COUNTING, What's new?

7 DAYS AND COUNTING, What's new?


What's all new and what's left a week before release The Gray Man, a point&click; adventure about being a serial killer?

panikongames - - 1 comments

Damn, this looks beautiful

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Psychose-Studio - - 1 comments

it look very nice !

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CheezeCrostata - - 360 comments

Not sure about the subject matter, but the art is definitely nice.

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