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The Grand Tap Tournament is a Tapping based RPG where your hit the enemy as meny times before blocking it's attack so you will become stronger and win the Grand Tap Tournament so you can bring home the prize money and give your family a steady life.

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Dear reader,

I wasn't entirely happy with the direction the project was headed in so I decided to scrap my previous progress and restart from scratch. One of my goals for the game was to give the player the possibility to play the entire game only using the mouse, I had the feeling that this would make it more fun to play on certain situations like not feeling like playing with the keyboard and that it would make porting the game to mobile easier. The mouse only gameplay had a lot of issues and that made the game feel worse to play so I made the decision to scrap it. I probably will add it as an option later in the development stage to give players that want or need the option the possibility to still enjoy the game.

I will embrace an 8x8 base sprite size and the Pico8 palette, this will allow me to make art for the game since I am still a novice to pixel art, it will also make sure that there will not be too much clutter.

I want to make a few characters that the player can choose from, this will give the player the option to try a few playstyles and might increase playtime but I’m having difficulty coming up with unique character attack and block styles since the core gameplay only revolves around attacking and blocking, as a result of that the number of character might be rather limited. A party is something that has been on my mind for a while and I think that it has a place in TGTT. A party could be used to make bosses more fun by helping the player fight the bosses, this way the boss fights won’t take a lot of time and help the game keep a steady pace.

These are just some ideas I have but I feel that the game is moving in the right direction.

Stay tuned for more The Grand Tap Tournament news!

T'jiani Lucht,

Quick update

Quick update


This is what I have been up too in the last three weeks.

Prototype release

Prototype release


This is the prototype of my title in progress The Grand Tap Tournament.

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The Grand Tap Tournament

The Grand Tap Tournament


This is the prototype of my title in progress The Grand Tap Tournament. If you like the g please share it with your friends or other people you think...

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