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The Dead World's is a RPG/Horror with a little but of puzzle in there too. In this game you play the role of a average farmer called Sam, one day when Sam went on his break, he came across an abandoned castle. Sam being Sam he quickly took up the opportunity to go on an adventure and entered the castle. But little did he know that this castle would be his grave. Or Would it?

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The Dead World's


The Dead World's (AKA Dead World) is finally in a development cycle where it can be viewed by the public in a whole bunch of screenshot's every few days. Before making Project Z, I was trying to think of types of games that I should make my Zombie idea but I picked RTS/Shooter. Then I had another Idea for a horror game and I came up with a whole new story line. So after releasing Project Z in alpha I thought that I would start work on, (What I called, "Story Sam" at the time) and working between the two games was turning out great and not too time consuming and they both started turning out pretty well.

I declared the name Dead World on my website a few weeks ago but I realised there was already a game called Dead World and it was an FPS, soooooo I then decided to change the name to The Dead World's but include just Dead World as the slogan. That is why on the Boxshot says, "The World Has Become..." and then underneath is "Dead World", you see the creativeness in that? Its just genius :D

So, (few glad all that typing is nearly over) hope that you will follow this game and stay tuned for more info.

Also check out Project Z Here:

My Website here:

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