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The Darkest Red

The Darkest Red is an action rpg game in the medieval dark fantasy setting.

The main character is the mage Dwahn, who has gained the unusual ability to manipulate enemies.

With the help of his sword and magic he has to free his homeland from hordes of monsters.

Ideologically, TDR is a game in which your enemy becomes a tool to solve problems.

Technically, TDR is a souls-like game with environmental puzzles and enemy manipulation.

Conceptually, the game presents the story of a mage and a wolf's journey in a monster-occupied world. The gameplay is led by a dynamic combat system and the ability to use your enemies.

image 0326

image 0426

forest concept

The Legend

Monsters kept in a cordon Wild Lands for several decades. Attempts to defeat them each time led to the defeat of entire troops of our people. Every year it was becoming harder to fight back. The ancient writings told about the weak spot of these creatures, about the obelisk of dark bloody color, which could be destroyed only by the most desperate man on earth, at the cost of his life ...

No daredevil has already fallen in attempts to find an obelisk, but the heroes did not cease to appear. One of the volunteers was Dwan, a young magician who had lost almost everything in the war against wickedness. Exsul, a hunter who had once been turned into a wild beast, went on a quest with him, - an explorer and a connoisseur of local forests.

They waited a difficult path. The cities were empty and there was no one to wait for help. The Wild Lands began to decay and were not at all like the hunting grounds that they were before the siege. The bloody trail of the invasion of the undead horde ran from the very outskirts and caves to the center of the destroyed ancient city.

image 0490

Ruined town


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The Darkest red (red art)

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The biggest update for The Darkest Red

Hello everyone, we are pleased to present the brand new The Darkset Red. This is the biggest transformation of the game ever.
The game is no longer top down, but a full-fledged third-person rpg. Plus, the combat system is now implemented in the souls genre.
The game also features enemy manipulation and we've added spatial puzzles. And most importantly, it's all available in demo build right now!

Here are some new screenshots

The Darkest red

The Darkest red

The Darkest red

The Darkest red

And walkthrough video

A link to a Demo build

You can leave any comment under the video or find me here

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Thanks for your attention

Loaction concept art

Loaction concept art

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Hi everyone, we have few beautiful concept art of our game locations.

Big update

Big update


Hi guys, we glad to introduce you a very big graphical update in our game. New graphic render makes picture soft and more colofull. So you can see it...

We got new gameplay video

We got new gameplay video


We glad to show you our new gameplay video with original soundtrack.

Say hello for a new game

Say hello for a new game


Hi everyone. our teem have some new stuff for you. And it's a new game)) We call it - The Darkest Red. It's s really new game, than will be shawn on Dev...

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The Darkest Red Demo Build 0.1.2

The Darkest Red Demo Build 0.1.2


This a our vertical slice demo build of The Darkest Red

The Darkest Red (Swamp demo)

The Darkest Red (Swamp demo)


In this demo build you can wakl around abandoned village and fight with giant spiders and ghouls, also you can try to use a magic against them. There...

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