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The Chronicles of Atheria is a sandbox, skill shot MMORPG focused on character skills, while incorporating some unique conquest elements that allow players to fight for control of the ancient and powerful city of Kalenda. With the help of other players and guilds, you will aim to conquer the center of the map, where an always escalating struggle for control and unbelievable riches await.


1. First-person combat system based purely on a players skill.

2. A dynamic and persistent world that evolves as players make choices.

3. Open PVP in a sandbox. Players have no limitations on interactions and movement.

4. No class restrictions. Players gain access to skills, armor and weapons as they unlock talent points.

5. Team combat system that rewards teamwork.

6. A “No Pay-To-Win” approach. In game purchases will be limited to cosmetics and collectibles only.

7. Tons of quests and adventures close at hand.

8. The longevity of life in a sandbox, where players can shape the very world around them.

9. Conquests and territory management centered on battles between players.

10. Detailed item management system and character personalization.

11. Various quests and random open world events that continually provide fresh content and new experiences.


Constructed block by block by our voxel designers, the Atheria territory is striking and unique. Atheria is designed to ensure a satisfying experience for all that explore it. Walk amongst the ruins, explore the caves, dark ravines and imposing buildings. Discover challenging confrontations with the mysterious animal species, and absorb the flora and fauna Atheria has to offer. It is safe to say that exploring Atheria to discover the entrances of dungeons and quests will be a fantastic and wonderful adventure.

Atheria is a beautiful territory with exciting possibilities, and if player wants control of this amazing place, it can be theirs. The whole of Atheria is conquerable if one so desires and can muster the resources and reinforcements. Working with other players to amass resources will be an essential part of building an empire and then fortifying it both militarily and economically.

But, Atheria has much more to offer. Conquering territory, building mining outposts and fortifying military strongholds are but only a few possibilities of the thousands of choices a COA player will be able to make.


Defend your fortress, assets and territories in fantastic Open World PvP battles, thanks to COA's frenetic combat system based exclusively on the skill of the players. Construct epic siege machines, defense structures and weapons to protect your Nexus in “Capture the Flag” or “Domination” style matches.


With maximum character personalization as a goal, COA does not have predefined classes, and thus offers unlimited possibilities.

Thanks to a very large skill tree, a player can evolve their character's talents and skills as they see fit. This gives each COA player the opportunity to tailor make a character suited perfectly for their play style. Choose well, and you might be the new PvP King!


If you are an achievement hunter then we have great news for you! We have designed COA with such a vast range of feats that you will NEVER be bored.

And, even better than that, you will be rewarded for conquering these feats with titles, skin and achievement points which you can spend as you wish.


Balance is one of most fundamental considerations in the design of COA. As a development team, we have painstakingly assessed every aspect of the game to avoid any excessive imbalances between skills and talent factors.

Because of the special care we have given to balancing, we believe that COA is an interesting and exciting game. Evaluating every combination of skills and talents was a difficult process but, we believe that in COA, we have achieved a level of balancing that very few games have ever achieved.


Like in every good MMO, almost everything that shapes and molds the world of Atheria is based on the actions of players working together. We say almost, because even if you prefer solo game-play, you can earn a significant amount of tokens that you can subsequently use to buy unique and incredible gadgets.

If tokens and gadgets aren't for you, relax, pickup your axe and move freely through the world of Atheria in search of fantastic adventures; but be careful what you wish for, you will probably find it….

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The history of Human


Hamadryad legends have it that humans were born from WhiteWater trees, a type of tree that disappeared centuries ago. These trees were able to give birth to a creature that would later have any neither spiritual nor telepathic bond with them, thus leading to the death of the generating trees. This is the reason why WhiteWater trees are still called "the Trees of Life and Death".

Left to their own devices, the first human creatures were nurtured by hamadryads, but very soon humans learned to take care of the new-borns. Millennia later, when the last WhiteWater tree died, men had fully learned how to give birth to children and had become a new species, a species ready to write its own history.

Mostly known as sly and insincere rather than intelligent creatures, humans became part of the Council of the Five at the very moment of its foundation. Though not particularly happily welcomed, humans eventually managed to make the most of their position in the Council. Nalr tried many times to swindle the Council requesting funds allegedly needed to help his people recover from catastrophes that had never existed.

Once his cunning plans were uncovered, he had his tongue cut off and was later sentenced to life imprisonment. Banar poisoned and killed his colleagues at the Council but eventually died for drinking from the same cup he had used to get rid of his peers. Seforis owned the biggest breeding farm of blind demons and it is often told that he loved to personally blind the wildest ones, but only after they had been put to sleep.

Many generations had to pass before humans found their own ethics and their place in history. Cha’Sul was a human leader loved by every race for his true heart and his dedication towards all Atherian races. As he said in his speech at his swearing ceremony: "We are all standing here now, all living in the same places, all living like brothers". Today Un’Dar probably is the most loved councillor in the Council of the Six. His attempt at convincing Galaul not to create an army, an episode ended with him losing his right arm ("Because never shall my arm point a weapon against one of my brothers")

The history of Dwarf

The history of Dwarf


The old Atherian legends recount how Kos forged the first dwarfs by fusing gems and incandescent metal together. He gave them part of his soul by touching...

The history of Hamadryads

The history of Hamadryads


Atherian hamadryads are particular kinds of nymphs that live in spiritual symbiosis with their own tree/companion. Of ancient and probably godly origins...

The history of Dragonide

The history of Dragonide


It is told that these mighty creatures, among the the earliest to appear on Atheria, were created by sorcerers doing experiments with dragon eggs. It...

New Alpha Tech Demo 01D available

New Alpha Tech Demo 01D available


We are happy to announce, the newest patch notes for our tech demo

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Chronicles of Ateria - Alpha Tech Demo 01E

Chronicles of Ateria - Alpha Tech Demo 01E


Released today the last version (01E) of the "Chronicles of Atheria" Alpha Demo, Cya soon in the Closed Beta!

Chronicles of Ateria - Alpha Tech Demo 01D

Chronicles of Ateria - Alpha Tech Demo 01D


We are happy to announce, the newest patch notes for our tech demo, Every change in this patch was created extensively with the players in mind, lot of...

Chronicles of Ateria - Alpha Tech Demo 01A

Chronicles of Ateria - Alpha Tech Demo 01A


we are very proud and happy to present to all, the Alpha Tech Demo of “The Chronicles of Atheria”.


Can't wait to be part of the Alpha test! Great game, tracked, hopefully the game will reach the light of the finish.

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aaron.yetzi Creator

subscribe at Toomanybrains.com :)

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I can't find where I need to subscribe, I only registered.

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